Sunday, January 29, 2006

Digital Camera

So I got a digital camera for Christmas. I've never had one before, I always thought that a traditional 35 mm camera took much better pictures. But I'm terrible about getting the film developed and copies made and sent off to other people. A digital camera though, that you just hook up to your computer and you can send pictures to whomever you want to!

Yeah right. Actually, it's a pretty good camera, makes movies, has audio, the whole bit. It's a Nikon Coolpix 5600 and so far I've been pretty pleased with it. It doesn't zoom as much as I'd like, but it looks like you can usually crop it as much as you want without too much loss of definition. Good enough.

And then. Then I finally decided to sit down and play with the pictures. I've only taken about 100 so far, and I hadn't transfered any of them to the computer yet. So I did that, and then spent several hours figuring out how to edit them and make them look good and I even uploaded a few to Flickr, just to see how it all worked.

I was in and out of the editing program several times yesterday, and every time I went in all of the pictures I had worked on were there. Until the last time. All of a sudden it shows the list of pictures but can't find any of them.

I can't mess with it today, I've got too much homework to do (that I should have been working on yesterday instead of playing with pictures). But one day soon, I'm going to figure out what went wrong and get a few pictures on here.


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