Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oklahoma Wind

You will periodically hear me complain about the constant wind that blows thru Oklahoma. What's that saying? "Oklahoma's so windy because Kansas sucks and Texas blows." It's very rare that there's not at least a gentle 10 mph breeze blowing here, and I've often wished I could sit outside for JUST 5 MINUTES without having to worry about my shit blowing away.

Then we went to Indie. It was the 2nd hottest race day ever - a whopping 89 degrees! And of course I scoffed, because hey, I'm from Oklahoma, and there's days it reaches 89 degrees by 8:00 in the morning. But guess what? That wind that I keep bitching about? They don't have it in Indiana, and 89 degrees and 100% humidity and no wind feels a whole lot hotter than in Oklahoma.

I just came back in from taking the mail out, and its about 94 degrees right now and not a whole lot of humidity, with that mild 10 mph breeze, and it's pretty damn nice outside. And then one of my smoke buddies tells me it's supposed to get to 101 on Saturday, and I thought it's not that warm out here, are we really ready for 100 degree weather? So I came in and checked the temp and realized just how lucky I am that I live in a state with a constant wind.


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