Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flower Delivery

I work in a very small office, currently there is just Dennis and me in the office. Our office is the first one as you walk into the office building, so we get a lot of people stopping by looking for somewhere else. So when the flower delivery guy comes walking in, my first thought is that he's lost. Then the guy says they are for me!

For me?

Okay, what did Chris do? He never sends me flowers, so it must be something pretty bad right? I mean, the first gift he ever gave me was a shotgun for my birthday (so I could go dove hunting with him). While Lesley and James were here, James and Chris went to the store and James got Lesley some flowers. Chris didn't get me any so we spent the rest of the week harassing him about it.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man, and he does lots of things for me - like cook and go to the grocery store, stuff like that. Much more important than flowers.

Turned out they were from a client as a thank you for some extra work I had done for them. It's amazing how getting some flowers really brightens your day. I set them on my desk so I could look at them easily, and now I've got them sitting beside the monitor as I type.

Chris really likes these tiger lilies, I'm going to have to figure out which ones they are so we can get some to plant this spring.

(there's supposed to be some pictures in this one, but apparently, I haven't figured out how to add them yet)


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