Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Final Grades

Monday, we got an email from the teacher of that review class that I hated. She gave us our grades on the practice test that we had to turn in (I bombed it by the way), and said that it had significantly lowered many of our grades, and that if we wanted to correct our incorrect answers, she would give us some extra points.

Emails were flying back and forth, phones were ringing, and much cussing was occuring. Then, as we are comparing notes, we found that a couple of us had answered the same thing on several questions, and she counted one of us wrong and one of us right! So now, I actually really don't know how I did on that test, and at this point I really don't care because I got another email this morning telling me that my grade in the class is 91. Oh, and that every one of us in the class passed the course. Freaked everyone out for nothing.

So it's official, I managed to get straight A's again. Probably my last time since now I have to start on my gen eds (Happy Happy Joy Joy). Thank someone that that is over.


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