Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something went right!

I believe we left our story where we were waiting for the insurance adjuster to call, so I'll continue there....

Tuesday afternoon, the adjuster did call and I gave her my side of the story. She said that she would go ahead and start verifying the quote I'd faxed over, but that she couldn't go any further until she spoke with the people who hit me. So I said that I'd been unable to get them to call me back, so what happens if they don't call you back? She said that she couldn't just take my word for about the wreck, without a police report (damn police report) she would have to talk to them before cutting a check. I said that I understood that, but what if they didn't call? She didn't really give me an answer to that, but told me I could call her in a couple days if I hadn't heard anything.

So I got to thinking and remembered speaking to their insurance agent, and she said that they admitted that there was a wreck, but that I had caused it by stopping for no reason (at a red light with traffic coming?) and that since there was no police report they weren't going to file a claim. (I may have already mentioned that part before, can't remember).

So this morning I went ahead and called the adjuster to tell her about this and said "Hi, this is Sherri" and she said "I just put a check in the mail for you!" Bob Bitchin. She has spoken to everyone she needed to, they didn't try to deny that there was an accident, and we're good to go. We're supposed to have the repair shop gather up all of the parts needed, then contact the adjuster again to arrange for a rental car, and then get the truck fixed!!!!!!

Finally, something worked out the way it's supposed to. Now, I'd better go call the repair shop and find out if they want to start gathering up parts.


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