Sunday, April 30, 2006

Truck Damage & School

I'm going to try to put in 1 picture, and see how it goes. I actually have 5 total I took of the truck. If this one works, I'll put in the rest.

Gee, Imagine that, it didn't work. I guess I'm going to blog from Flickr this morning. Be prepared for several posts.

Okay, got that done, and got up a picture of the angel Marton sculpted!

Wednesday afternoon as I was leaving work, dude whose wife hit me called to see if we would let him pay out of pocket instead of having insurance pay. So I went on Friday to get an estimate. (I couldn't go before then because of school and doctor visit). First estimate was $2628.90, so we called dude back and said "I don't think you want to pay out of pocket." So hopefully on Monday the adjuster will call and we can get the truck fixed pretty quickly. It's still drivable and all that, but Chris can't pull his boat to the lake in it, and the bass just finished spawning, and they're hungry, and he wants to be out there catching them!

I was sore for about three days, but am mostly over that now. This weekend has been spent taking tests (have 2 take homes - and think what you like, a take home test is much harder than one in class.) and making sure my notebooks are ready to be turned in, and studying for 2 other tests I have next week. The good news is that next week is it for me, unless I just totally bomb one of these tests. I love it when the final is optional!

And then a full month off! I'm only taking one class this summer, so I should have a lot more free time. Of course, it's a math class, so who knows.

I'm also running for a PTK office. We didn't have enough people running, so I let myself get pushed into doing it. We're still one person short, I guess we'll continue trying to get someone to fill it. This isn't a very active club. There's a handful of active people (who turns out are mostly the officers) and everyone else just sits back and watches. If I can find the time, just about anyone can find the time. Oh yeah, we'll decide among ourselves who gets what position after the election (which is via email this weekend and Monday - I should know Tuesday if I won - the suspense is killing me;).

They're having a small ceremony before class on Wednesday to give me the accounting student of the year award. My boss and Chris plan on being there. And they're going to have a photographer from the school newspaper there too. I guess I'll have to see when that edition is coming out and figure out how to get a copy of it (since that's my last night of class. I have a test Thursday, but I doubt the paper is out that soon.)

Time to get back to work.


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