Saturday, February 04, 2006

Beamer's due in February

I talked to Lesley yesterday, she had to go to the doctor's three times last week. The doctor seems to think the pre-eclampsia is under control for the moment. Lesley's blood pressure is a little high and she's putting out a little too much protein in her urine (and I'm not quite sure what that means, haven't looked it up yet).

Brandon will be 35 weeks on Tuesday, so they want to wait at least that long if at all possible. If she can continue to carry him, they want to wait until he's 37 weeks, but they won't wait any later than that, so he'll be born by February 21st no matter what.

She seems to be doing okay. Every time I talk to her she's been out running around, even though she's supposed to be on bed rest. {sigh}

Mom wanted to be there for the delivery, but decided that she'd rather wait until Taylor is on Spring Break which isn't until April. Grandma may be going with her, but there's nothing definate on that yet.


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