Thursday, May 11, 2006

MWF Seeking Hobby

I don’t know what to do about Mom. She’s bored, and she wants to get out and do something, but she’s back on Xanax so I can’t let her go anywhere by herself. She keeps asking me to take off work so we can go shopping, or house hunting, or whatever. I need to find her a hobby that will keep her occupied.

Every time we talk about getting her a hobby, all she wants to do is go antiquing. She’s tired of clocks and teapots, so she wants to go to a couple of auctions and find something else to collect. I have just a couple problems with that. 1. Money. 2. Room. When I say hobby, I’m talking about something like cross-stitching, or painting pottery, or gardening. Something that while it may take an immediate outlay of cash to get started in, once you’re going, you’re only spending money periodically. When Mom talks about a hobby, she’s talking about shopping.

She went to Wal-Mart 3 different times while she was in Tulsa last week. I’m not sure how much she spent on me, but I came home to 5 or 6 new shirts and a pair of pants. Then she wanted to go back and get me more clothes. Thanks, I really do appreciate it, but…..

She was supposed to go house hunting with Sandie on Tuesday, but I had to talk her out of it. Then I called Sandie to let her know that Mom wasn’t coming and it turned out that Mom hadn’t called Sandie back to confirm so she wasn’t ready anyway. Mom and I are going Saturday to look. We invited Sandie, but she said that it would be hard to do with Britt so I don’t think that she’s going.

And what is it with our family and planning get-togethers on holidays? Greg and Ambers shower is this Sunday, which is Mother’s Day. We already promised Dad that we were going to bring him home and cook him a steak – he’s been wanting one for months now, and I just haven’t had time to deal with it, much less get a pathway through the house that we could get a wheelchair through. So Mom and I are going in together and shopping online and having the gift shipped to them. I need to get that ordered in the next day or so. It was funny though, I pulled up their registration and laughed – 45 total items. We have more people in the family than that! When I registered, I was told to select 2 items for every person we had invited to the wedding, that way there was plenty to choose from and if someone wanted to give multiple gifts (towel sets, kitchen stuff), they could. So we registered for some 200 items. Amber’s list is much easier to choose from.


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