Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Almost in Trouble!

Chris called me at lunch today while I was at Petsmart getting the "bare necessities" for the new puppy we're getting on Sunday. We've only met the people we're getting her from once before, and they thought we were someone else when Chris called to see if they still had pups left. So they called Mark and said they weren't sure they wanted to give the dog to us, cuz they wanted it to go to a good home. So Mark explained that no, we weren't those people and that we'd take really good care of the new pup.

Chris calls to tell me this and I told him to reassure them that I was already spending too much money on this dog we didn't even have yet. This dog is going to be well taken care of! Of course, Chris wanted to know how much was way to much money, so I asked how much would I get in trouble for? (Exasperated Sigh) $150.00. Oh good, I only spend $137.

After a moment of dead silence, he asked what all I had bought. Well, by the time you buy the bed (since the poor thing is going to be living in the laundry room until it's house broken), the training pads, the toys, the food & treats, and the training book, and the spill proof bowls, and the collar and leash, and I'm quite sure I'm forgetting something....It kinda adds up quick!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited? I'm going to teach her how to do tricks. Chris says it won't work with a Heeler, but we'll see.


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