Wednesday, September 13, 2006

School Stuff

Well, in the last couple weeks I've received a couple invitations that I'm pretty proud about. The first is that I've been asked to tutor an Accounting Lab. The college has always had a Math Lab and a Computer Lab, those kind of labs, but they've never had an Accounting Lab and they've asked me to work it Monday nights. It's a non-paying position of course, but it looks good on my transcripts and on scholarship and employment applications.

I received a phone call yesterday with the second invitation. I've been asked to be on the Accounting Advisory Committee at RSC. We will be looking over the curriculum to see if it meets accounting students needs and what, if any, changes there needs to be. It's a one shot deal, but the Dean of the accounting department at UCO (which is where I want to go after finishing at RSC!) is going to be there, and there will be other people to network with.

Kinda cool.

I got my National Dean's List book over the weekend. I have a little 2 line, maybe 3, blurb in there. Looks like next year will have a few extras to put in there!


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