Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A really long post...

I finally got my A.C.A.T. test results back. Actually, I ended up calling them because they never sent them to me. The day I called, they told me my scores (95 on part 1 and 83 on part 2 – top 15 people nationwide!) and told me that they were mailing grades and some letters that day. I never got those, but I did get my certificate over the weekend, so I am now officially Sherri R., A.B.A. I have initials after my name!!! Now, to keep the designation, I have to complete 120 hours of CPE (continuing professional education) in 3 years and pay a renewal fee. My only question at this point is: Does this actually mean anything? Hell if I know.

Oh, the A.B.A. stands for Accredited Business Accountant. Sounds pretty official, huh?

I’m going thru a bout of boredom. I want to do something different. I’m tired of working (who’s not?) and would really like to be able to go to school full time. And I could, if I wanted to take on $40,000 of student loan debt to be paid off for the rest of my life. At least that’s the amount I keep getting offered. So I think (wistfully) about it, and decide that no, that just doesn’t make much sense. Especially if we’re serious about having kids anytime soon.

Lesley and James are having issues with one of his ex’s and the whole visitation thing. Lesley really can’t talk about it because a comment she made on her blog has already caused some issues, so I have advised her (cuz what else is a big sister for but to tell you what to do?) to not say anything on her blog about this person or the situation, and as I go to find the post she got in trouble for, it looks like she’s removed it. Good girl.

(Yes, I think you should be able to blog about anything you want to, but this is real life here, and when you are fighting for rights to your children you have to be very careful.)

Anyway, while the kids were visiting, they mentioned some things that were happening that were against the parenting plan that was established at the time of the divorce and so Lesley and James asked them if they would like to come and stay with them. A couple of the kids said yes, the rest are happy where they are. Now that the kids are back with their mother, and kids being kids, they told about the discussion. So now, mother is saying that Lesley and James did nothing but talk bad about her the whole time the kids were visiting, trying to turn them against her and all this other crap. You know Lesley, she can’t talk bad about anyone at all.

So now they are talking to an attorney, and who knows what all is going to happen next.

No boredom at Lesley’s house – well, except for Taylor!

We missed the watermelon festival. It was just too much effort to get out and drive an hour for free watermelon when we could drive a mile down the street to the grocery store and buy one. We didn’t do that either!

We lost Curby a year ago, and Chris just couldn’t face getting another dog. He would talk about it sometimes, and say that he wants a hunting dog next time, but every time I would suggest getting one, he wanted to wait just a little longer. When we went to Eufaula a couple weeks ago, one of the guys has a heeler named Brainy. Curby was a Heeler/Spitz mix, and after being around Brainy for a couple days, we decided it finally time and it just so happens that Brainy’s Mom is pregnant now! So we’ve put in our order and will go pick one out once they are born. Chris still wants a hunting dog, he really wants a Brittany Spaniel, so the heeler will be mine and he can have the spaniel.

I can hear Sandie now: I have a dog you can have! Actually, they just got Pepper spayed hoping that would calm her down a little, I haven’t heard how that went yet. Pepper is a pretty dog, and very friendly, and VERY hairy. And I can’t afford to pay for a dog, and I know that they are hoping to get their money back on her. And she’s going to be HUGE, and I want a dog that can go places with me. And having already had a heeler, knowing how intelligent they are and how active – we still do a lot of outdoors stuff, at least when it’s not 100 million degrees outside. A heeler's the dog for me.

In the meantime, a neighbors cat has adopted us. She's at the front door every morning when I leave, demanding to be fed. Then last night it was pouring down rain when I got home, and she was mewing pitifully by the garage, so we opened it up and let her hang out until it quit raining. She actually came into the house for a little while, but wasn't really interested in staying - which is a good thing, since I can't have an inside cat while we have birds. Damn birds.

Not much else going on in my world. School starts the 22nd, so I'm enjoying what freedom I have while I have it.


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