Monday, June 26, 2006

Chris' Favorite Shirt

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Chris got this t-shirt before we ever met. It's his favorite t-shirt, and he wore it at least once a week until shortly after we moved into the house we're in now. At that point, the shirt disappeared, and search where we would, the shirt was nowhere to be found.

Chris accused me of getting rid of it, his buddies of stealing it because it was their favorite shirt, and even my sister of "accidentally" packing it up when she stayed with us for a few days before moving to Washington.

Last Friday, the shirt magically reappeared. Does anyone want to guess where it was THE ENTIRE THREE YEARS IT WAS MISSING? Go ahead, guess. That's right, hanging in his closet, right where it should have been.

Actually, it WAS found in my closet, but I have a perfectly rational explaination for that. See, we have small closets, so all of my clothes hang in the master bedroom closet (cuz I have more of them), and his clothes were hanging in the spare room closet. Then, when Mom stayed with us last May, right at wedding time, and I thought she was going to be staying permanently, I moved all of his clothes into my closet. And then they never got moved back.

Still, found hanging in the closet, right where it was supposed to be!


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