Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Everyone's healing up nicely

I’m turning into one of those people who never post anymore. Unfortunately, we haven’t done much lately to post about! I just don’t do anything that exciting anymore.

Mom had her surgery last week. It went very well and the doctor appeared to be very pleased when he came out to tell us how it went. They kept her overnight and sent her home on Saturday afternoon. Grandma and Phil came and sat at the hospital with Chris, Dad, and I. It was good to see them, it’s been awhile.

I originally had my follow up appointment with my doctor today, but they called last Thursday and said they had to move it to Monday (yesterday). So I got the all clear – all healed up and can go swimming again!!!!! Of course, now it’s not 110 degrees in the shade anymore, but I won’t bitch about that.

He did tell me that the biopsy came back moderate dysplasia, which is even worse than the last one. My first pap was just abnormal. Second pap was mild dysplasia. Biopsy was moderate dysplasia. The only thing left before cancer is severe dysplasia, which is basically cancer before it starts spreading if I understand it right. So I’m very glad that I went ahead and had the procedure done as quickly as I did, since it sounds like I would have ended up with cervical cancer soon. Hopefully, this procedure has taken care of the problem, and my next pap in November will come back normal.

Now, please everyone, DO NOT tell my mother the above paragraph. She’s already convinced that I have cancer and has been freaking out pretty hard about it, and right now; she needs to worry about getting herself well. I’m not really worried about her reading this, cuz she can’t ever find my blog unless Sandie pulls it up for her.

After my appointment yesterday, Chris took me to a lake so we could go swimming, and we finally found a private little area and drove out to the beach, and he pulls a bag out of the truck where he packed my bathing suit and towels and stuff. At least, he thought he did! My bathing suit came with this little skirt/wrap thing, and that’s the part he grabbed instead of the actual bathing suit. The look on his face! I do wish I’d had my camera. So we head on home, and he promises to take me swimming this weekend. I’ll be sure to do the packing for that one!


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