Monday, February 13, 2006

Beamer has jaundice

I always thought that jaundice was pretty common in newborns, and that it was nothing to worry about. Turns out that I was partially right. It is pretty common in newborns, and often times it is nothing to worry about, BUT, it can be an indication that the baby's liver is immature, or of an ABO Incompatibility or a Rh Incompatibility.

So, Beamer is doing great except that he has jaundice, and that his levels of bilirubin (I think) have increased from yesterday to today. They are keeping an eye on him, and it doesn't look like he gets to come home today or tomorrow.

Also, Lesley keeps trying to breast feed him, but when she's not there the nurses give him a bottle - which is easier to get milk out of, so he doesn't want to breast feed. So she keeps pumping milk and taking it up to the hospital for them to feed him.


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