Monday, February 13, 2006

Parking Ticket

I got a damn parking ticket last night for parking facing the wrong way on a 2 way street. $15.00 cuz my car wasn't facing the right damn direction.

If I get caught doing something wrong, I have no problem taking the punishment. But this just doesn't make any sense to me - what difference does it make which direction my car faces while it's sitting outside of my house? Does anyone (except the officer who wrote the ticket) really care which direction my car faces?

The worst thing is that I had just gotten onto the turnpike headed to work when I hear this funny whistling/rattling type noise (very hard to describe). I'm thinking "Great, now the heater's going out", but I move stuff around on the dash to see if something is just blowing in the defrost breeze, when I finally see the ticket under the passenger windshield wiper. OH.

So I pull over and grab the ticket, then I begin wondering: "Is this the only ticket that I've received. Maybe I've gotten other tickets and he's (or she's) put them under the passenger wiper blade instead of the drivers (where I'd be sure to see it). Maybe I've got warrants out for my arrest because I haven't paid these parking tickets.

Then I realized that I would have heard them blowing in the wind as I drove down the turnpike and quit worrying about it.


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