Monday, February 06, 2006

Mom's heading to Washington

Mom calls me last night to tell me that she wants to head to Washington today. I figured round trip tickets would be $600-800 since it was last minute, but I found some for $470.00 which isn't too much more than it would have cost given a little notice. Unfortunately, my ISP at home SUCKS and I couldn't stay on long enough to finish the transaction.

So I spent an hour at work getting everything set up (thanks Dennis). An hour you ask? Well, turns out that if you are paying by credit card and are purchasing the ticket less than 5 days before departure, Delta requires the person who owns the credit card to appear at the airport to pick up the tickets. That's not going to happen, so I called them to see how we could get around this. For $100 more they don't require me to be there. Thanks, but no thanks.

So I finally found tickets through Continental for the same price with no hassle.

The other issue was going to be how to get Mom some money so she wouldn't be broke while there for 3 weeks. Luckily Margie said she could give her some money and I'm sending Margie a check. Thanks Margie.

The really frustrating part of the whole deal what that we've been talking about Mom going up for the birth for several weeks now, and had decided that she wanted to wait until Taylor was on Spring Break in April. Apparently James parents refused to stay with the kids while Lesley is in labor - they didn't feel like he should have to be there. Let's see, she has pre-eclampsia which could kill both the baby and her. Hmmm, do you think the father would want to be there/should be there? Granted, from the conversations I've had with Lesley, she doesn't appear to be in much danger, and the doctor, while keeping a close eye on her, doesn't seem terribly concerned. Still, the worst COULD happen.


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