Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Husband of the Year

I have the most wonderful husband there ever was. You might think that you do, and I know that YOU think that yours is the best, but you’re both wrong. My husband is better than yours!

I feel like I should be sticking my tongue out at you.

Yesterday was not a good day, and by the time I finally got home at 9:00 (I had class last night. Aren’t you proud of me for going? You should be, cuz I really didn’t want to.) all I wanted was to curl up with Chris and cry. I hate crying, I really do, but sometimes it feels so good to cry.

So I get home, and Chris met me at the door and just folded me up in his arms. Then we went into the living room, and he had gotten me some flowers – beautiful tiger lilies (can you tell those are our favorites?), and a card. And so I cried, and he held me, and all is right with my world, just because he’s there with me.

We’ve agreed that I’m going to get registered to use the Indian clinic. In the meantime, I’ve made the appointment for the colposcopy for April 20th. Happy, happy, joy, joy. The colposcopy is like a pap, but even worse. And they snip you. Ouch. Then it’s wait for 4-6 weeks for the test results to come back. And then we’ll see.

I’m kind of assuming that it’s going to come back with the mild dysplasia again, and that he’s going to want me to come back in 6 more months for another pap, and then we’ll see what happens. Of course, he mentioned another procedure, the L.O.O.P. procedure, where they scrape away the abnormal cells from the cervix. That one I don’t want to do, it’s technically an outpatient surgery. It can be done in the office, but he’s already said that he does them out of the hospital, not his office. We don’t want to think about that one yet.

So, for all of those wondering: We’re not going to try to get pregnant until I have a normal pap, so it looks like it’s going to be awhile.


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