Friday, March 10, 2006

Mom's moving to OKC

Which is what we've been wanting for about a year now. With her here, she can spend more time with Dad and help me with taking care of him. But.

Isn't there always a BUT? BUTT! She just called me and said that she just finished with a realtor and is going to list the house. So I asked if she had done the touch up stuff we had discussed - painting, replacing burned carpet, holes in walls and doors, etc. No, she decided to list it as is, starting price $75,000. Okay, I still don't think that's realistic, but if the realtor agrees, who am I to say any different?

BUT, she doesn't want them to list it until she moves out of the house, so she wants to come and live with me for an indefinate period of time.

Breathe...Breathe...Breathe. Ok, things were different the last time she stayed with me for more than a weekend. She was on massive amounts of drugs, and going thru withdrawal, and all of that. She has been much better and hasn't tried to throw away even one irreplaceable picture of Chris' mom in many many months.

I knew that she would have to stay with us for at least a little while, I just don't know if I can handle an indefinate period of time that could turn into 6 months or even more.

Then, on top of that, Chris and I are going to have to go help her pack up her stuff and haul it all down here. Which is fine, except I'm already behind in my classes, and have been freaking out over that, and I just can't take a weekend off to go take care of her stuff. Granted, next week is Spring Break, so techincally, I don't have anything going on, EXCEPT for the full chapter I'm behind in each of 2 classes, and the 6 topics I have to read before the following Tuesday's quiz.

Plus, I have to tell Chris that my mother is moving in with us! Actually, there are some days that he gets along better with my mom than I do, and I really don't think that he'll be upset or anything.

It's going to make it pretty uncomfortable to try to get pregnant though!

And if she throws away my replacement cake for our anniversary, I will not be held responsible for my reaction!

Which reminds me, does anyone have a deep freezer (that works) that they want to get rid of cheap?


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