Sunday, March 05, 2006

I never meant to upset anyone

I found out yesterday that I had really upset someone who was reading this blog and thought that I was talking about their child on a previous post about disciplining kids.

First, let me say that kids are kids, and I don't expect them to be little adults. What's the fun in that? Kids are curious and want to explore, and the way they explore is to touch. So, kids being kids do not bother me. They spill things, and draw on things, and all of that is clean-upable. (Not a word, but you know what I mean).

The behavior that I was talking about is when some friends came over with their 2 kids and the youngest child kept getting into my curio cabinet and pulling stuff out. I don't have a whole lot of stuff that I would really be upset if it got broken, but what I do have is in my curio cabinet. It's in the living room because we don't have kids and I like to be able to look at that stuff. So when the kid pulled out the antique Irish teapot and cup/saucer that Lesley gave me a few years ago, and the parent thought that was fine for her to play with, I got upset with the parent - and said something.

I may not like confrontation, but I will say something if I feel I need to.

Or when you're out in public and a kid's running around wild, knocking stuff over or getting into stuff they don't need to and the parents are totally oblivious.

That's the type of thing I was talking about.

So, I am so very sorry that I upset you, and I really and truly was not talking about you or your children - who I love as much as if they were mine. They can come over and crayon the tv whenever they want to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm sorry I got upset. I hope I didn't ruin your sorority function.

1:55 PM  
Blogger bookworm said...

I'm just glad we got that straightened out. And no, you didn't ruin my function, which by the way isn't a sorority - I haven't gone THAT far around the bend. It's an honor society, it just sounds like a sorority. I actually hesitated about joining for the very reason that it sounds like one!

8:34 AM  

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