Thursday, March 02, 2006

Review Class

I've been frustrated with this review class from the very beginning. As part of the degree program, we have to take this certification test (I'll actually get to put initials after my name. I think it's A.B.A. - Accredited Business Accountant, but I'm not really sure.) Anyway, we have to take this review course over the internet. Last semester, the teacher came to our classroom to discuss it with us, and convinced me to go ahead and take it this semester. "It didn't matter that I hadn't taken any of the classes except the accounting ones (it covers business law, ethics, communications, etc as well as accounting), because the review book would cover all of that."


Besides being quite intensive - we have to cover 5-6 topics each week (about 100 pages of material) and take a weekly quiz, the book is an overview. It might tell you that you use the cost method to do this, but it doesn't tell you what the cost method is. So, if you don't know, you have to pull out a textbook to find out.

I don't have any textbooks for business law or any of the other crap. I haven't taken the classes yet, so I'm not going to know what the cost method is.

Then, we have to take 2 exams this semester, which are actually old real exams - the one we have to take for accrediatation. They are 3 hour tests, but you have to take them during the week, and the testing center is only open until 8:00. I think I already bitched about that.

Then there's been questions on the tests that aren't anywhere in the book - the whole class agrees on that point. I could just go on and on about the major frustration that I've suffered in this class.

So last night, we're discussing the exam, and Stacie tells us that the original teacher said that we weren't expected to do well on the exam because it's an actual old test. What??? Why have I paid $200 to take the class, another $100 for the review book, am going to have to pay $150 to take the actual certification test, and have spent the last few weeks so frustrated I can't stand myself??????

So now I really hope I kick butt on the test I took on Tuesday. Of course, if I do, the original teacher will just think it's cuz she's such an awesome teacher. NOT.


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