Thursday, March 02, 2006

Test Scores

I got my Intermediate 2 test score back last night. Thank God, I got an A. Actually, I ended up with 100% on it, but I missed the bonus questions (damn it).

Part of why I was so upset about the review practice test score (and I figured out I haven't vented about that one yet - don't worry, I will) is because there are 5 of us that get together in a study group before each exam, and will go over our take home tests together. This is the same group that I've been taking classes with for 2 semesters now, and it's gotten to the point that if all of them have the same answer and I have a different answer, they will usually change their answers rather than me change mine. Not because they think I'm some genius or something, but because I can usually explain how I got my answer and they can't.

(I'm pretty anal - accountant's usually are - if I had to look something up to answer a question I write down what page I found it on so that I can easily go back to it later.)

So, when I got that B on the review test, of course that meant that all of them got B's too, and I feel responsible for that. Of course, maybe without me they would have gotten worse grades, but still.

So, on the Intermediate test, which we all went over together, I was worrying. I'd already gotten 2 B's, what was I going to get on this one? Well, my group got a 92, and then apparently there were others in the class that didn't do nearly as well cuz she gave us a curve again - add 8 points to make it 100!!!!! But I actually earned the A on this one instead of getting an A on the Income Tax one because of the curve.

I feel much better now.


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