Thursday, March 09, 2006

Warning - Looking for Donations

Thought I'd warn the family that I'll be looking at you guys for donations in the coming year. This PTK society deal focuses on Fellowship, Scholarship, and Service (yes, in capital letters).

Anyway, one of the first projects that I plan on getting involved in is known as Project Graduation - in which we collect cans and books for needy people. I've already been asked to be on the committee when the project actually gets started, but that will depend on how we can arrange our schedules. However, I will want lots of contributions from EVERYONE that I know. Those of you NE can send stuff with Mom. I'll be posting updates when I know more. Right now all I know for sure is canned goods and children's books. So start collecting. And thank you in advance, especially for books - you all know how important that particular subject is to me.

I do wish that I'd known about this a couple weeks ago, before the library sale. I could have bought a couple boxes of childrens books for pretty cheap. Oh well, I'll know for next year.


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