Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More school stuff

In other news, we owe Phil and Grandma big THANK YOU for coming over and helping load up the U-Haul to move Mom. Jamie wasn’t there, I didn’t ask why. I haven’t seen her in a long time cuz she’s pretty busy with her school activities as well. Still, it’d be nice to see her every once in a while (HINT HINT).

I get my accountant’s holiday in a couple weeks – I’m still not sure which days I’m going to get off (there’s still payrolls that have to be done, so we have to split the four days up between the two of us). I’m really wanting to get away for a day or two, but I don’t think that Chris would let me. I’m at least going to spend one day at the lake, basking in the sun, reading my book with no interruptions.............Sorry, got off in a little daydream there for a minute!

In the meantime, I got invited to join another Honor Society. The benefits to these honor societies are that they offer scholarships that aren’t available anywhere else. The disadvantages are that they all cost money - $65.00, $75.00. Not a whole lot for a lifetime membership, but how long am I really going to need the membership?

Then, last night, I found out that the accounting department at school selects 1 student every year as the Outstanding Accounting Student, and that person gets a plaque from the Oklahoma Society of CPA’s. Never heard of such a thing, but turns out they selected me. I had to email my teacher, cuz she’s the only teacher I’ve had for accounting at this school, therefore, she had to have a big hand in getting me this award. I was dumbfounded to say the least.

I had to enroll for the Summer and Fall semesters last night. I’m only taking 1 class this summer, a basic math class. People are always amazed to see me counting on my fingers: “You’re an accountant, what do you mean you can’t do math?” That’s what computers and calculators are for. Anyway, I have to take this basic math class before I can take the Business Math class that’s required for my degree. The good thing is that this basic math class doesn’t count towards my GPA, so if I flunk it, at least I can still claim my 3.885! Isn’t that sad? Then in the Fall I’m taking the Business Math class and US History to 1877. Doesn’t that sound fun?


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