Friday, May 12, 2006


Our first (or 4th, depending on how you look at it) anniversary is quickly approaching. We've been trying to decide what to do - he wants to go camping/fishing somewhere (imagine that!), and I want to do a romantic evening at a nice hotel, with room service and the whole bit. I think I'm going to win out on this one.

For my birthday last year, we went and spent the night at Embassy Suites Hotel, which was really nice. They have room service, so we can order dinner in, and then they have an awesome breakfast deal - everything from bacon and eggs to cereal to fresh muffins and fruit. Truly wonderful. So that's what I'm pushing for.

I just ordered our replacement wedding cake for eating on the first anniversary. I decided that even though the original one didn't last thru the honeymoon, I still wanted the tradition. $15.00 for a 6" white cake with white frosting, but that's okay, it's a one time only deal.

In other news, I got Greg and Amber's gift ordered yesterday. Mom and I (and the guys) went in together, so we were able to do a pretty nice gift. I couldn't quite figure out how what we got them is going to work, but it looked cool. I'm sure they don't read this blog, but I don't want to chance it so I'll tell what we got them later. I need to get ahold of Sandie, I've still got Grandma's pikepass and I want them to take it back to her if they are going to the shower on Sunday.

Then, when I got home last night, Mom and Chris were out looking at her car. Oh shit. Yep, my family's 3 for 3 - in 6 weeks. Chris had a wreck a couple weeks before mine in the exact same intersection, except his was technically his fault - he rear-ended the car in front of him. It's a weird intersection - there is a stop light and a stop sign. Which do you pay attention to when you have a green light? The girl in front of Chris didn't know either, so she was going when she got the green light and slammed on her brakes when she saw the stop sign. Then mine a couple weeks ago (I had a red light). Then yesterday Mom went to McDonalds and turned a little too close and scraped up the whole left side of her car on one of those red cement poles they put so you don't hit the building. I don't think it did any real damage to the car, just the paint. And she wonders why we don't want her to drive on Xanax.

We went to see the neighbors kid play baseball last night. It was pretty fun, especially since they won - the very first time they've won this year! Austin was great, he struck out once, but hit a couple of great balls later on, and actually made it to 3rd base on one of them before the 3rd out. I took a bunch of pictures for them, but on my 35 mm not the digital. We pigged out on chili cheese hot dogs that were actually pretty good. Final score was 7-5. Go team!


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