Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another bitchy post about parents and their uncontrolled kids

Why is it so hard for parents to control their children? Why do they think it's okay to bring their young children to my house and allow them to destroy my things? WHY? And no, it's not "just being a three-year old".

When Sandie brings Britt over or Des brings Shaley over we have a good time. The kid plays (or runs around in circles or whatever) while we visit, and if the kid starts getting into something they aren't supposed to Sandie or Des says "Hey, don't do that".

So when Chris' friends come over yesterday (they are SO lucky I wasn't home) with their three-year old daughter and allow her to pick up rocks and throw them as hard as they can on my new wood floor or try to push over the boxes we still haven't unpacked or track dog shit in on my brand new carpet and then tell Chris that "She's just being a three-year old"...I just have a hard time believing that since I have friends whose kids aren't like that.

I say Chris' friends because I don't really care for the wife very much. She's a SAHM* who told her husband when she got pregnant the first time that she would go back to work and then quit her job without telling him. When that child got old enough and he told her she had to go back to work, she got pregnant again. He gets an allowance of $20.00 per week while she gets to go shopping every day. She gets mad at Chris because he won't loan them the money to fix their heat and air but they have taken over a year before to pay back $50.00. They borrow things like a (brand-new) lawn mower or a tent and bring it back broken and don't offer to pay to replace it.

And then this morning I'm in the shower and there's no soap. What happened to the soap? I get out of the shower and go looking around and find some in the other bathroom and it has this black stuff all over it. I didn't really think that much about it and just wash it off and finish my shower. When I said something to Chris about it he says: "She didn't wash it off?" "Wash what off?" "That's the soap she used to clean the dog shit off her daughter's feet yesterday." *shudder*. I wasn't wearing my glasses when I found the soap but she didn't clean out the sink either.

Who does this shit?

I've told Chris that she and her children are not welcome at my house anymore and I don't have a problem telling her that we don't have kids, my house is not child-proof, and if you are not willing to watch your children then don't bring them to my house.

Everyone else who actually watches and takes care of their children: Come on over.

*Disclaimer - I have no problem at all with SAHM's, if you can afford to do it I think it's great. What I have a problem with is when you lie to your husband and tell him you're going to go back to work and then on your own decide that you don't want to regardless of whether you can afford to stay home or not. And then you spend all your time buying useless shit at garage sales but won't give your husband $20.00 to go fishing and so MY husband has to pay for him to go fishing. But that's a whole different bitch session.


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