Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not the Only One

I've been reading other peoples blogs and there's a couple others who have been buying a house and moving at the same time we are. I really appreciated reading this one from Rude Cactus about all the trips made to Home Depot. I can't top the 5 trips in one weekend, but we've been at least once a day since we bought the house! Over three weeks that's a lot of trips and way more money than I thought we'd spend. Thank goodness that's just about done. We still have a little paint to buy and whatever we decide to do with the office and then we're DONE. At least for now. (Unless the gravitational pull of the Home Depot half a mile from the house pulls us in.)

It's funny how different people see the same space. We've had several people over to see the house in progress, and every one of them has had suggestions for what we ought to do here or there. None of them have agreed, including Chris and I. We're learning the fine art of compromise.

Once the movers are done, I'm going to start unpacking and Chris has to finish our kitchen cabinets. I swear the previous owner built them himself in the backyard. I don't think he even used the nice (level) garage. The fronts aren't so bad (although he didn't sand the wood before badly staining it - it's going to be a bitch to keep them clean), but he didn't put backs or tops on any of it. So you open the cabinet door and look at dusty sheetrock. And holes. I couldn't tell you why there are holes, but there's three or four of them just letting whatever lives in the walls out onto my dishes. Well, not onto my dishes because I refuse to put anything in there until this problem is solved. I bought some contact paper but Chris didn't like that idea. Instead he went and bought a table saw (you saw that one coming, didn't you?) and is going to build tops and backs for the cabinets.

Now he wants a miter saw so that he can do the trim in the living room. We were going to wait for our carpenter friend (who works for beer) to do it, but dove season is coming up, and I'd really like that part to be done before NOVEMBER.

That's okay though, because I've been wanting a camcorder, and since I'm taking my Speech class online, I need one to record my speeches so that I don't have to go to school and stand up in front of people and talk. So he gets a couple of toys tools and so do I.

(I got the strike thru to work!)

Speaking of dove season, we're leaving Friday the 31st for Sandy Sanders so that Chris can get out at sunrise to kill birds. I'm going, but it's just too damn hot this early in the season to be running around the desert looking for dove. That and my eyesight is too bad to really dove hunt. By the time I see the little fuckers it's too late to shoot them. Darn! It's an interesting place though and beautiful in it's own way. I never dreamed that we have actual desert here in Oklahoma. I'm worried about taking the mutt though, there's nothing out there that doesn't bite - cactus, mesquite trees, rattlesnakes. Personally, I prefer the Blue River (be sure and check out all the pics - it's a beautiful place).

Here's Rascal's favorite spot while we've been working at the house:

(I finally figured out that I can't use the Blogger insert picture deal - I just have to copy the HTML straight from Flickr!)


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