Monday, August 13, 2007

No pictures

I've managed to misplace my camera, so I can't show my before and after pictures yet. We've got the living room done (except the trim pieces - we've got a friend who is going to do that for us for beer, but we don't really know when yet) and the master bedroom done. I love them both, but the master is my favorite. We picked some really awesome carpet that is so soft I want to roll around naked on it.

Chris keeps coming up with these "really cool ideas" after we've already agreed how we're going to decorate the rooms. I finally told him that he could do the spare room however he wants, but leave the rest of the house to me. It's not that they're bad ideas, it's just not the look I'm going for. Destiny was over the other day and asked me what my house theme was going to be? I don't have a house theme. It's a place to live and be comfortable in, not a showcase or a "really cool, funky place to hang out". It's where I want to go after work and school and my other responsibilities to relax and be comfortable. So that's my "theme".

I actually like what Chris is doing to the spare room, except for the color he chose for the chair rail. I hope that I like it better after the colors are on the wall (I'm doing that tonight), but right now it's kind of funky. I won't say anything though.

We are doing a theme for the hall bath. We have all of these framed sea shells that we had in the hall bath at the last house. And the previous owners had some shell towel bar/toilet roll holder thingies, so we decided to go with an ocean theme in there. We're planning on painting the walls blue and then stenciling on various fish, dolphins, whales, etc. Then we're going to hand paint the various fish however we want. We've even discussed leaving paints in there so that other people can paint their own fish and sign them.

Things are moving right along, even if it's taking much much much longer than I had thought it would. I keep thinking about these decorating shows, where they paint a room in a couple hours. That doesn't seem to be working for us. Of course, we've had to Killz everything before painting on the color, and then you've got the cutting in and the painting of the trim and the back-filling....

We will be moving in this week though. We're to the point that we can work around our stuff. I really didn't want to do that because we all know me and Chris, but I think that in this case we'll actually get everything done.

That's the plan anyway.


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