Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Harry Potter Spoilers Here

So I'm just over half-way thru the final book, and I have to say that so far I'm pretty pleased. After a good strong start there's been parts where I'm going "Alright already, it was hard, it was terrifying, yada yada yada. Next step please." I'm to a point where it seems to be picking back up and I have high hopes for lots of action in the remainder.

I felt this way about the 5th (I think) book too (the Tri-Wizard Tournament one). Quit with the whining already and get a move on. For having been such an angst-ridden teen, I don't appear to have much sympathy for it now!

I am enjoying it though, and I might have been getting frustrated with all of the INTERRUPTIONS last night while I was trying to read. Cook dinner? I'm reading Harry Potter here! Have company and need to be polite? To hell with that! Still spoilers on TV? Get over it already.

So now I'm at work, wondering how soon I can take a smoke break and go read for 10 minutes...looks like right about now!


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