Friday, July 20, 2007

Inspection Completed

Chris has a friend who does home inspections, so of course we called him to do ours. This meant that we were at the house for three and a half hours to do the inspection and talk. The only surprises were that the hot water tank needs a new T&P valve on it and the gas starter on the fireplace needs to be replaced. Chris can do both of those and everything else (very minor stuff) that needs to be done.

The appraiser is supposed to go by either today or Monday, then it usually takes 3 days to get his report (I have no idea why) and that's the last possible obstacle. Well, unless someone throws a lien against the house at the last minute but that's doubtful.

We're getting a house!!!!!!!!!!

We went to Home Depot last night to look at carpet and paint and light fixtures and plumbing fixtures and all of that wonderful stuff. I was wandering around there thinking of all the possibilities. The glorious possibilities. I also reconfirmed that I have excellent taste in stuff - if price is any indicator. We're going to put laminate flooring in the main living area and of course the one I liked best was the 4.50/sq. ft. and the one I liked least was the 1.98/sq. ft. I liked the $500 light fixture rather than the $50.00 one. Etc.

Poor Chris. He thinks that just because I point out the more expensive stuff that I like that means that's what I expect to get. He doesn't understand that just because I like the $1450.00 flooring, that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the $650.00 flooring. I'd prefer to keep as much money in my pocket as I can. Well, maybe not in my pocket - just think of how many books that $800 would buy! Or maybe that light fixture....

I did take pictures, but they really didn't come out too well. The front of the house is overgrown with bushes, so no light comes in the front windows (those bushes will be removed shortly after we move in) and there are no windows on the back wall of the house at all, so the only natural light in the living room is thru the sliding glass door. I had to increase the brightness on the pictures so much that they really look pretty bad. I'm going to play with them a little more and then I'll get some pictures up.

Now I'm off to look at bar stools. We've got a 10' long bar between the kitchen and living area that's just begging for some stools. Especially since that's where we'll probably eat most of our meals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The appraiser takes about 3 days because after he has appraised the property he then must search for like homes similar in style, age, bedroom/bath room count that have sold within the last 12 months usually within a mile to determine the value of your home as compared to the sales price and conditon of the 3 other homes he must find. He also has to search county records on all of the properties in the report and list all sales history for the prior 3 years.

Just thought I'd let you know why it takes so long.


12:45 PM  

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