Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sandie tagged me

For the (Insert Number Here) Odd/Unusual/Strange Things about me meme and asked for a specific story. I think she really meant 6 embarrassing things. I've been wracking my brain, and the sad, sad truth is that I appear to be pretty normal.

1. I was an exhibitionist. While Sandie is my aunt, she’s only 8 years older than I am, and we’ve always been close. Well, at least since after I quit “borrowing” her good high heel shoes to go walking down the gravel road in (I was around 8-10 or so)! One day, Sandie was visiting me at my apartment and we decided that we needed something from the convenience store down the street. It was the closest store to my place, and I was in there all the time and “knew” all the people in there to talk to. This time, when I got to the counter with my stuff, the guy pretty much just stared at my chest. Now, I ended up with most of the boobs in the family, and having them stared at isn’t unusual, but it was in this situation. I mean, dude had never stared before. So I get back out to the car and tell Sandie what had happened and she starts pointing and laughing.* I look down and there happens to be a hole in the flannel shirt that I’m wearing (without a bra) and my nipple is sticking straight out! I never went back to that store again.

Sandie very kindly told that same story to my husband, and both of them persist in bringing it up periodically just to see me blush!

*She didn't literally point and laugh, but the thought was there.

2. I found a dead body. This one isn’t funny, but I swear it’s true. S (not Sandie) and I and various other people used to go downtown and hop on trains. They’d slow down to go thru town, and we’d jump on the last car, ride it until it slowed down again, hop off and catch one going the other direction. Sometimes there wouldn’t be another train and we’d have to walk back. Early in the morning one November 1st (that date is important), we decided that we were going to go hop a train. This time was me and S, her brother, and the guy I was dating at the time. We perched under an overpass and smoked a couple of joints while waiting for a train to come by, and when one didn’t show, we decided to walk along the tracks for awhile. While walking the tracks, we always put anything we found beside the tracks on the rail, so that when a train went by it would cut it in half. (Never anything big that would derail the train or anything – tennis shoes, sticks, a penny to see if it would get flattened, etc. Don’t ask me why, but there are always tennis shoes next to train tracks.) S reached down to pick up a tennis shoe and there was part of a leg in the shoe – from the knee down. We walked a little further and found the rest of the body lying next to the tracks. S’s brother completely freaked out, jumping up and down flapping his arms. My boyfriend took off running back to the car, and S and I stood there going “This can’t be real. Someone stuck a dummy on the tracks as a Halloween prank. This can’t be real.” We headed back to the car ourselves, and as I was climbing in the backseat, S’s brother shut the car door on my leg, so I screamed “Oh my God, my leg!” and he totally freaked out again.

Turned out, the body was a homeless man who had tried to hop on the train while drunk, missed, and was dragged to death.

That was the last time I remember hopping a train.

My stories are pretty long, and I can't think of any more right now, so if I come up with anything else, I'll continue this later.


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