Monday, July 23, 2007


One thing we've had to do to buy this house is clear up the 3 or 4 things that are still showing on my credit. One of those was the cable bill I swore I was never going to pay because the bastards reconnected my cable service without my permission. I didn't even have electricty (I had moved in with Chris but my landlord wouldn't let me out of my lease, so I shut off all of the utilities to save at least some money). Anyway, they refused to credit my account and I told them "Fine, but you'll never see a dime from me."

I paid them last week. Bastards.

Anyway, somehow one of Dad's medical bills got put on my credit. I called to try to take care of it, and they agreed that it shouldn't be on my credit and said that they would have it removed. I told them I was closing on a house in a few more days and need this taken care of immediately - could they fax me or my banker a statement that showed it was Dad's bill and not mine? No, my name wasn't on the account so privacy laws won't let them release information to me. WTF??? You can put it on my credit but can't fax me a statement. They'll mail a letter to the address on record, which is my PO Box, but that'll take at least a couple days to get.

Of course, I forgot all about the power of attorney thing, so I called them back and of course they left 5 minutes after I talked to them.

Damn creditors.


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