Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Daily News

In our late-breaking news section of this blog, Lesley has started a blog of her own, Trinity, which symbolizes her three kids. She just started it, so there's no pictures yet, but I've told her she is now required to post as many pictures as is humanly possible of the kids - especially Beamer, whom no one has seen except for Mom.

In other news, we went looking at condos last night. We had gotten a listing of 8 condos in the areas we were looking in, but Mom narrowed them down to 4 because she has to have a fireplace (couldn't tell you the last time she built a fire, but there you go). The second one we looked at was cute, very cute. They had obviously done some work trying to get the thing to sell. My only problem with it is that both bedrooms (and showers) are upstairs, and I really wanted her to be on the ground floor. We are now broadening our search, the realtor is supposed to be looking for some 3 bedroom condos that has at least one bedroom on the ground floor. At least that way, Mom wouldn't have to go upstairs very often.

Mom was ready to buy last night. She got mad at me cuz I made her look at the remaining condos on our list, and made arrangements with the realtor to keep looking. "What if someone buys this one out from under me?" It's only been on the market for 191 days, I don't think anyone is going to scoop it up in the next couple. And if they do, we'll just find a better one later.

Then we went to dinner with Sandie and Mike and Britt. Poor Mikey, he picked up the tab, and we're not a cheap bunch to take out to dinner. I did give him the Outback gift card that I had gotten at the Kiwanis lunch a couple weeks ago. My boss' Mom and Dad are very involved in Kiwanis, and they invited me to this lunch deal where I won the grand prize - the gift card! We had a great time, we don't get to see Sandie and Mike very much - and I only work a mile from their house. Too much stuff going on.

I did see their new dog after dinner. Absolutely adorable!!! She's going to be a decent sized dog, which really surprised me cuz Sandie wanted a small dog - I'm thinking about Duke's size. Do you all remember Duke? I remember Phil burying him up to his neck in a sand pile:) Does anyone still have a picture of that?


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