Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Stuff

We dropped off the truck this morning for repairs, hopefully it will be done by Friday, although I wouldn't mind taking the rental car on our anniversary. They gave us a Mazda 6 - sweet. It's amazing how much more pep a car has than a truck or SUV.

We finally decided where we're going for our anniversary trip. I tried to get us back out at Robber's Cave (where we honeymooned), but they were already booked up, so I found us a cabin in the Arbuckle Wilderness, Cedarvale Cabins. It's going to be nice and isolated, we don't have to see anyone if we don't want to. We're leaving Friday after work and will be back sometime on Sunday. I can't wait.

We had a good time on Sunday, dinner was excellent. We prepared everything but the steaks at home and then took everything to the nursing home. Dad was really upset that we weren't taking him to the house, but he's been so weak lately that they are using a machine to transfer him from his chair to bed and vice versa. I told him I wasn't going to risk him falling just cause he wants to get out of there for awhile. He started physical therapy again last week - we can't get them to keep him on it. They decide that he's not going to improve anymore so they drop it, and I have to request they start him back on it again. Hopefully, in a couple weeks, we'll be able to get him out of there for awhile.

After dinner, Chris and I went and put flowers on him mothers grave. We go every year for Mother's Day and her birthday. She sounds like a wonderful woman, I do wish I could have met her.


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