Monday, October 09, 2006

Arkansas Part 2 (finally)

After safely escaping from Pine Bluff, we stopped for dinner at Western Sizzlin’ in Hot Springs. It cost us almost $25.00 for the two of us for the buffet meal? I asked about it, and it turns out that in Hot Springs, the sales tax at a restaurant is 11%! 11%. Did you see that? 11% WTF???? We won’t be eating in Hot Springs ever again!!!

I wanted to do some crystal digging, and had done my research online and found a place that let you dig by the hour instead of having to pay for the whole day. So I called to find out how late they were open and all that, and she told us of a couple campgrounds within a few miles of where she’s located. One had a shower but was much busier, and the other had some nice restrooms but no shower and fewer people. We chose the fewer people. This is the view from the tent:
We got there right before sunset, and so were frantically trying to get our monster tent up (for the very first time) before it got dark. We didn’t make it. Chris can get very imaginative when it comes to cursing! Here’s the picture I took of the monster tent the next morning:
We did however get the privy set up and I got to use it for the first time! Totally awesome, and I don’t know how I ever camped without one before. I certainly will never do so again!
Sunday morning we got a slow start, and finally headed over to Crystal Seen just about noon. Julie was very helpful and friendly, and gave us way too much information to take in all at once. There was a big pile of dirt, and we had some gardening tools and we dug to our heart’s content. Chris found all of the good stuff – most of what I found were broken pieces and little flakes, although I did find some small points. Here’s the biggest piece Chris found:
That picture is just about real size!

After we finished digging crystals, we headed for Talihina Drive – which was absolutely beautiful. I want to go back at the end of the month when more of the trees have changed color. Here’s a couple pictures:
Then we headed to get our puppy, whom I’ve already introduced you to, so here’s a picture, just cuz I can!
And finally, on our way home from picking up Rascal, we stopped to see some friends who live outside Shawnee – in BFE. On the way back out, we saw this:
This is a copperhead, and Chris took the picture from about a foot away. I of course was have a little freak out back in the truck, but he did get an awesome picture, and the snake never did try to bite him, so it was all good.

And then we were home!


Blogger Sandra D said...

Yikes! I haven't seen a copperhead since I left the farm. I do think they are pretty snakes, though, as long as I'm not face to face with them.

10:58 AM  
Blogger bookworm said...

They are pretty, and apparently not aggressive, but yeah, I wouldn't want to be face to face with it!

2:04 PM  

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