Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing makes me feel quite as bad

As Dad calling me and saying that he wasn't sure if he could call me since I got mad at him yesterday and hung up on him. And never called him back. And didn't go and see him like I promised I would.

I forget sometimes that he's like a little kid that way. You don't make promises you're not going to keep, and you don't punish by ignoring. Which isn't what I was trying to do, but it's what I did.

He's so difficult to deal with sometimes, and yet I feel so sorry for him and worry so much about him, and love him so very much....

If I didn't have a test tonight (that I'm not prepared for anyway), I'd cut class and go spend some time with him. Maybe tomorrow I'll take Rascal up there to see him, spend a couple hours before going home.


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