Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here kitty kitty

For the first time in some 8 years or so I have a cat!

When I first moved to OKC, the apartment I moved into didn't allow pets. I tried to sneak in a cat, but got caught after a couple of months, so I had to get rid of her.

Then, when Chris and I got together, he had the birds and absolutely refused to even consider getting a cat.

"If the cat killed a bird, I'd have to kill the cat, and then you'd kill me."

Then we had to move in with Mom for three months, and she had Dufus. We decided that we'd keep our bedroom door shut all the time to keep the cat away from the birds.

That lasted about a week.

One day I came home, and Dufus was laying on top of the birds cage and the birds didn't have a problem with him at all. And also? Dufus plays with Rascal! Cool. So I convinced Chris that if I were to ever get a cat, Dufus would be perfect since he gets along with both the birds and the dog. Mom was wanting to get a kitten, but didn't want two cats, so win/win situation!!

I was going to wait until we (finally) get the tile grouted (don't even ask - three weeks later and I'm not a happy camper), but Mom got a notice on her door the other day that because there are so many stray cats at the condos, the HOA is going to take steps to get rid of them. And if your pet gets taken care of too? Too bad. And Dufus gets out the door at least a couple times a week.

So I brought Dufus home last night. He's already getting comfortable (it's easier when he already knows everyone), and while he hasn't left the area I set up for him yet, he's all about us coming in there and loving on him.

I've really missed having a cat and am so happy to have one in my life again.

Now, I have to worry about the one-eyed tom cat across the street and the fact that Dufus has been de-clawed....


Blogger Sandra D said...

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with a cat that nobody but Britt wants.

11:04 AM  
Blogger bookworm said...

The only reason I got this cat was because I had proof that the cat and the birds get along.

See, there was something positive from the house flooding with sewer water and having to move in with Mom!

Well, that and buying a house.

3:12 PM  

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