Friday, February 17, 2006

A question for Sandie

I was reading your blog earlier and saw Bridgie's comment about Bob and Britt, and your response. I was just wondering if you have ever talked to Britt's attorney about keeping her?

I can only imagine how tough this is for you, and Mikey. If there's anything Chris and I can do, please let me know. We will stand by you whatever you decide. We love you.

By the way, one of these days I still plan on coming by to take some pics of you and Britt. This weekend isn't good, but next would be great - since we're going to the library sale and all - reminder that I've got tickets to the Pre-Sale party on Friday the 24th. Hopefully that means that we get first choice on the available books. If not, we can just turn around and leave quickly. Anyway, I'm assuming that we're going to be taking Britt with us, so we could do pictures at the same time.


Blogger Sandra D said...

It's been six months since we got legal custody of Britt; I probably should send her a status report. I don't know what she'd think about Bob taking Britt out of state.

If I fight to keep Britt and win, then I lose my relationship with my son. If I fight to keep her and lose, then I lose them both. Maybe forever.

All I can do is treasure every minute I have with her, so that's what I'm doing.

3:36 PM  

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