Friday, February 17, 2006


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I grew up watching wrestling, and we even went to a few matches when I was a kid. Chris makes fun of me because I still watch it every week.

Take a look at this photo that I got from This is Batista, who normally wrestles on WWE Smackdown, but was injured recently so is off for awhile. Wouldn't you want to watch him as well?

There's a wrestler by the name of Johnny "Wildman" Walker that Dad knows from the nursing home (no, the wrestler is not in the nursing home, he just visits). Anyway, Johnny occasionally has matches here in town, and Dad's been trying to get us to take him to see one. Turns out there's one this weekend, and we've promised to take Dad to see it.

I'm really kind of dreading it - I'm not much of one for going to do things out in public. I'd much rather stay at home, where I can be comfortable (and smoke). Of course, I'm not sure if Dad realizes that he won't get to smoke during the matches, and usually at ticketed events, if you leave you can't get back in. So, I'm going to stress that to Dad and see if we can't get out of it - since we all know that Dad can't go 5 minutes without a cigarette, much less a couple hours or more.


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