Saturday, March 11, 2006

More pelicans...and some seagulls too

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty interesting day, which I'll post about in a minute, so Chris and I went to the lake again to talk about some stuff, and what did we find? More pelicans! We tried to count, and we think that there's about 120 pelicans at Lake Hefner. Gloria says they were there last year too, so maybe they are living here. I need to find out what their normal migratory patterns are, see if I can figure out why they are in Oklahoma.

So, here's a couple pictures (I hope they look better than they appear on this computer - apparently it's not intended for looking at pictures). The seagulls are eating some popcorn that Chris threw out for them. It was pretty funny, when he first threw the popcorn out there, they kept swooping down and looking at it but wouldn't pick any up. Then finally one does and they all went crazy!

Ok, the stupid add picture link isn't working - again. I'll try to add the pictures later.

3/17/06 - The first chance I've had to try again - here goes: It worked, it worked! It's up at the top, but it worked!!!!


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