Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas in November

At work we listen to an easy listening/pop type station. It does have some current hits that it plays, but overall it's a much milder station than what I normally listen to, reference the horror. I turned it on this morning, and they are already on the ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME mode.

It's not even Thanksgiving yet people!

I do have to admit that I've already started shopping and am pretty much done with both my Dad and Chris' Dad. Oh, and Chris' combo birthday/Christmas gift should be in any day now. Other than that, I have't done crap.

I called Lesley the other day to get the kids wish lists and she told me they won't do those until after Thanksgiving. I reminded her that I have to ship all that crap up there, and I'm not the quickest about getting that shit done, but I couldn't convince her to do it any sooner. So I'm saying now, I don't want to hear a word if presents arrive late AGAIN this year!

We're not putting up the tree this year. We decided that since anything that rests even a little bit near the floor is an automatic dog toy, it wouldn't be wise to try to put anything within the dogs reach - which includes the tree, the presents, the stockings, and any decorations that would go on either the coffee table or the mantle!

Speaking of the dog, I bought the rechargeable batteries for my digital camera, but have now lost the plug-in to it and so cannot recharge the rechargeable batteries. I keep meaning to stop and buy some regular batteries until such time as I find the plug-in, but of course I keep forgetting. Rascal has grown so much, and has the cutest mask on her face, and she makes the funniest noises. One of these days I'll get some pictures/videos taken and be able to post them. Some day.


Blogger Lesley said...

I didn't refuse to give you a list I was only saying that the paper on Thanksgiving has the best shopping guides. It doesn't help that I immediately forgot to make a list. My memory has gotten really bad lately. I guess I'm just a little too distracted too much of the time.

11:52 PM  

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