Monday, January 29, 2007

Still have no idea what's going on...

I've left a message for the doctor to call me, so maybe I'll find something out today. None of us is ever at the hospital when the doctor shows up, so all of our information comes from the nurses (who are wonderful people, but they can't tell us what our options are, or what his prognosis is) and from Dad. And Dad said that the doctor told him they would only cut off his toe if Dad wanted them to, and he thinks that because he has a staph infection he's going to die.

Granted, a staph infection can kill you, but it doesn't mean that he'g going to die. Unless you don't cut off the dead toe, and then you get gangrene....

Oh, and now his leg might not be fractured!?

Lesley called last night, but somehow I missed the call. She's probably mad at us for not getting ahold of her earlier, but what could we have said? Dad's in the hospital, we don't know what's wrong or what they're going to do about it. Or whether Lesley should come home just in case. And if she did, when should she come? How long could she stay, and how long before we know something definate?

I am very worried about Dad though. He's depressed, hasn't eaten much of anything all week, and just really doesn't seem to care about anything. He doesn't want anyone's pens (that's a really bad sign), he wants Mom to do everything for him - even hold his cup so he can take a drink. He doesn't talk while we're there, doesn't complain about not getting to smoke - well he does occasionally, but not near what you'd expect.

We all kind of dance around the possibilities without really talking about them. I think that we all know he's going to lose at least the toe, maybe more. I'm afraid he won't survive the loss. But we don't talk about it, I guess cuz that might make it all real.


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