Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We're gearing up for turkey day - one of my favorite holidays. I look forward all year long to that huge turkey dinner, and all of the left-overs that go along with it. Chris and I picked up an 18 pound turkey - he say's it's going to fit into the fryer, I sure hope so. Mom's picking up a couple turkey breasts just in case.

We're going to be at Mom's pretty much all day tomorrow. We're supposed to pick up Dad around 10:00, and he wants to stay "late late late late", so don't plan on taking him back too early. Cheryl, a friend of his at the nursing home may be coming over as well. Her family told her they'd get her on Friday instead of Thursday, so she would be alone all day - well, not alone but not with family either. But then they may have changed their minds and she won't know for sure until tomorrow morning. Whichever - we've got plenty of food, and that's really what this holiday is about, isn't it? Family and friends.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving, eat until you burst, sleep until you wake up, and eat again. That's my plan for the day anyway.


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