Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life is Good

The pills appear to be working! The side effects disappeared, but I upped my dose yesterday, so I’m waiting to see if they come back. I had some nausea this morning, but not as bad as it was when I first started, so I can live with that. Hopefully it disappears pretty quickly.

Last week I got irritated with Chris for something stupid and I WAS ABLE TO LET IT GO!!! You have no idea how awesome that was. I don’t even remember what it was about or where we were going, but rather than ruining the entire evening I forgot all about it.

And Chris has admitted that I’m a bit easier to live with. This weekend we even spent some time laughing about something, and I couldn’t tell you the last time that happened.

As a bonus, I’m losing some weight. The negative side of that is that one of my favorite pairs of pants is way to big now (I can pull them over my hips while still buttoned – which is not something I wanted to find out about at work but what do you do?) and I hate wearing a belt. I’m wondering if I dare pull out the sewing machine and try to take them in? Maybe I should just take them to a tailor….

In the meantime, my office is starting to come together – I have my bookshelves put up. I haven’t put any books on them yet because I want to try to organize them so my plan is to spread them out in the front room, get rid of duplicates and any books that I won’t ever read again and then put them on the shelves by author and series. I thought about trying to catalogue them and then I decided that I was crazy to even consider it.

This is a busy week. I have to give a speech on Thursday that I thought was next week, so tonight I get to go finish that up. Then I’ve got a test in my law class on Monday (thank goodness for open book tests) and I signed up to do the Ethics Essay contest again this year (what the hell was I thinking?). I got the case study yesterday and it’s due next Friday. Last year they gave us 3 full weeks, this year less than 2.

Bridge – thank you for your comments. I must say that you hid it well and that I never had any idea. That’s really pretty sad though, that we can be so blind to what’s going on in our own families. Come by and see me sometime, you’re welcome to come hang out any time you want (we’re usually home – except for Monday’s which is football night anyway).


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