Monday, January 29, 2007

More Info

I took off work this morning to go wait at the hospital for the doctor. Turned out I got there just in time, and the doctor came in right after I did.

They are just about ready to send Dad home. He does have the infection in both the wound and his blood, but not in his bone. They said that he will need to continue the antibiotics and the wound care, and that could be done at a skilled nursing facility. They aren't completely sure about the fracture and wanted to do an MRI but Dad refused. I didn't push on that one since there's nothing they can do about a fracture at this point - they can't put a cast on it because they have to have access to his wound to take care of it.

I asked about his toe and the doctor said that he felt that a surgeon should look at it but that Dad had refused that as well. Dad said he didn't, but knowing Dad, I'm sure he did. Anyway, we agreed that a surgeon should at least look at it and determine if that is a danger (how could it not be?) and that we would go from there. Like I told Dad, I'd rather see him loose a toe than a foot/leg/life.

Yesterday he did come up with some blood in his stool, so they are going to run additional tests on that as well.

All in all though things are looking okay.

You'll know more when I do.


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