Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good news Bad news

Dad’s heading back to the nursing home this evening. I haven’t actually talked to him yet, but I’m sure that he’s thrilled, he’s been asking to go back for over a week now.

The good news is that he’s going back skilled nursing, which means that Medicare will pay for his time in skilled nursing. The bad news is that skilled nursing is a different wing, and if we want to keep his original room, we have to go ahead and pay for it, even though Medicare will pay for the skilled nursing room. I’m of two minds on this one – Dad doesn’t do well with change, so I’d rather keep him in the same room, but he hates his roommate, and he hates that his room is at the very end of the hall, so.... Of course, he’s been out of that room for going on three weeks now, and will be out of it for at least another couple weeks (I’d think), so maybe a change wouldn’t be so bad. We’ll have to talk about it.

In other news, the catalytic converter went out on Chris’ truck. That’s $500 down the tubes. The guy told Chris that Chevy’s had problems with this particular part and he’s had to replace a lot of them, but of course there’s no recall or warranty. That would just be too easy.

Lesley – In case you see this before I get home tonight and call you - I forgot my cell phone today, so I’ll call you later this evening.


Blogger Sandra D said...

There's an "Amputees' Next Step" support group listed in MetroFamily magazine. Is that the one you called?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Sandra D said...

Oops! That comment was supposed to go on the previous post.

4:05 PM  
Blogger bookworm said...

No, doesn't sound like the one I called. I got disgusted and threw away my note. I'll call you this evening for the number.


4:30 PM  

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