Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thanks Sandie

Sandie gave me the name of an amputee support group that she had found, so I called them today, and they are going to meet with us at the nursing home next Monday at 4:00. The husband of the lady I spoke with is a double amputee, and they will both be meeting with all of us – Dad, Mom, Chris, and I. She said that the support groups are for the families of the amputees as well, that we need help coping with the amputation just as much as he does.

I’m excited and relieved, and really hoping that Dad will give this a chance. He’s got that man thing going on – you know, the one where they can’t talk about their problems because it’s not manly or something.

Men: you gotta love them, even when you want to beat them over the head!


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