Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another bitchy post about parents and their uncontrolled kids

Why is it so hard for parents to control their children? Why do they think it's okay to bring their young children to my house and allow them to destroy my things? WHY? And no, it's not "just being a three-year old".

When Sandie brings Britt over or Des brings Shaley over we have a good time. The kid plays (or runs around in circles or whatever) while we visit, and if the kid starts getting into something they aren't supposed to Sandie or Des says "Hey, don't do that".

So when Chris' friends come over yesterday (they are SO lucky I wasn't home) with their three-year old daughter and allow her to pick up rocks and throw them as hard as they can on my new wood floor or try to push over the boxes we still haven't unpacked or track dog shit in on my brand new carpet and then tell Chris that "She's just being a three-year old"...I just have a hard time believing that since I have friends whose kids aren't like that.

I say Chris' friends because I don't really care for the wife very much. She's a SAHM* who told her husband when she got pregnant the first time that she would go back to work and then quit her job without telling him. When that child got old enough and he told her she had to go back to work, she got pregnant again. He gets an allowance of $20.00 per week while she gets to go shopping every day. She gets mad at Chris because he won't loan them the money to fix their heat and air but they have taken over a year before to pay back $50.00. They borrow things like a (brand-new) lawn mower or a tent and bring it back broken and don't offer to pay to replace it.

And then this morning I'm in the shower and there's no soap. What happened to the soap? I get out of the shower and go looking around and find some in the other bathroom and it has this black stuff all over it. I didn't really think that much about it and just wash it off and finish my shower. When I said something to Chris about it he says: "She didn't wash it off?" "Wash what off?" "That's the soap she used to clean the dog shit off her daughter's feet yesterday." *shudder*. I wasn't wearing my glasses when I found the soap but she didn't clean out the sink either.

Who does this shit?

I've told Chris that she and her children are not welcome at my house anymore and I don't have a problem telling her that we don't have kids, my house is not child-proof, and if you are not willing to watch your children then don't bring them to my house.

Everyone else who actually watches and takes care of their children: Come on over.

*Disclaimer - I have no problem at all with SAHM's, if you can afford to do it I think it's great. What I have a problem with is when you lie to your husband and tell him you're going to go back to work and then on your own decide that you don't want to regardless of whether you can afford to stay home or not. And then you spend all your time buying useless shit at garage sales but won't give your husband $20.00 to go fishing and so MY husband has to pay for him to go fishing. But that's a whole different bitch session.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not the Only One

I've been reading other peoples blogs and there's a couple others who have been buying a house and moving at the same time we are. I really appreciated reading this one from Rude Cactus about all the trips made to Home Depot. I can't top the 5 trips in one weekend, but we've been at least once a day since we bought the house! Over three weeks that's a lot of trips and way more money than I thought we'd spend. Thank goodness that's just about done. We still have a little paint to buy and whatever we decide to do with the office and then we're DONE. At least for now. (Unless the gravitational pull of the Home Depot half a mile from the house pulls us in.)

It's funny how different people see the same space. We've had several people over to see the house in progress, and every one of them has had suggestions for what we ought to do here or there. None of them have agreed, including Chris and I. We're learning the fine art of compromise.

Once the movers are done, I'm going to start unpacking and Chris has to finish our kitchen cabinets. I swear the previous owner built them himself in the backyard. I don't think he even used the nice (level) garage. The fronts aren't so bad (although he didn't sand the wood before badly staining it - it's going to be a bitch to keep them clean), but he didn't put backs or tops on any of it. So you open the cabinet door and look at dusty sheetrock. And holes. I couldn't tell you why there are holes, but there's three or four of them just letting whatever lives in the walls out onto my dishes. Well, not onto my dishes because I refuse to put anything in there until this problem is solved. I bought some contact paper but Chris didn't like that idea. Instead he went and bought a table saw (you saw that one coming, didn't you?) and is going to build tops and backs for the cabinets.

Now he wants a miter saw so that he can do the trim in the living room. We were going to wait for our carpenter friend (who works for beer) to do it, but dove season is coming up, and I'd really like that part to be done before NOVEMBER.

That's okay though, because I've been wanting a camcorder, and since I'm taking my Speech class online, I need one to record my speeches so that I don't have to go to school and stand up in front of people and talk. So he gets a couple of toys tools and so do I.

(I got the strike thru to work!)

Speaking of dove season, we're leaving Friday the 31st for Sandy Sanders so that Chris can get out at sunrise to kill birds. I'm going, but it's just too damn hot this early in the season to be running around the desert looking for dove. That and my eyesight is too bad to really dove hunt. By the time I see the little fuckers it's too late to shoot them. Darn! It's an interesting place though and beautiful in it's own way. I never dreamed that we have actual desert here in Oklahoma. I'm worried about taking the mutt though, there's nothing out there that doesn't bite - cactus, mesquite trees, rattlesnakes. Personally, I prefer the Blue River (be sure and check out all the pics - it's a beautiful place).

Here's Rascal's favorite spot while we've been working at the house:

(I finally figured out that I can't use the Blogger insert picture deal - I just have to copy the HTML straight from Flickr!)

Moving Today

The movers are coming today. Actually, by now they've already arrived. I had always said that we needed to use movers but Chris wanted to do it all himself and save some money. Then, we spent the last three weeks working non-stop on the house and he agreed that movers would be good.

The extra money from the install he did this week didn't hurt either.

I have to work all day, so they should be done by the time I get home. And then I get to start unpacking. I'm actually excited about that - I'm so ready to have all of my stuff around me again. I'm sure we'll go thru a week or two where we can't find everything, but it'll be better than not having it at all.

I'm going to try some before and after pictures - I hope this works:

The Master Bedroom Before:

The Master Bedroom After:

The Living Room Before:

The Living Room After:

I didn't take an after picture of the living room from the same angle, but you get the idea.

These were the two rooms that we made the biggest change in. We're not painting the entry or the hallway until we get all the furniture moved in, so we don't have to repaint anything. We haven't decided what to do in my office yet. We were going to do concrete stain on the floor, but there's a crack where the slab meets the stem wall and if we fill it in with concrete, we'd have to wait 30 days before we could do the floor. So now I have no idea what the plan is. Maybe some ceramic tile. Who knows. It's not stopping us from moving in, so we'll worry about it later.

I'm so excited. Today we officially move in!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Happened

I found my very first, definately gray hair.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm a genius

IQ Test Score

Now, if I could only get my husband to listen to me!

I found this quiz on Bob's Myspace page.

Monday, August 13, 2007

No pictures

I've managed to misplace my camera, so I can't show my before and after pictures yet. We've got the living room done (except the trim pieces - we've got a friend who is going to do that for us for beer, but we don't really know when yet) and the master bedroom done. I love them both, but the master is my favorite. We picked some really awesome carpet that is so soft I want to roll around naked on it.

Chris keeps coming up with these "really cool ideas" after we've already agreed how we're going to decorate the rooms. I finally told him that he could do the spare room however he wants, but leave the rest of the house to me. It's not that they're bad ideas, it's just not the look I'm going for. Destiny was over the other day and asked me what my house theme was going to be? I don't have a house theme. It's a place to live and be comfortable in, not a showcase or a "really cool, funky place to hang out". It's where I want to go after work and school and my other responsibilities to relax and be comfortable. So that's my "theme".

I actually like what Chris is doing to the spare room, except for the color he chose for the chair rail. I hope that I like it better after the colors are on the wall (I'm doing that tonight), but right now it's kind of funky. I won't say anything though.

We are doing a theme for the hall bath. We have all of these framed sea shells that we had in the hall bath at the last house. And the previous owners had some shell towel bar/toilet roll holder thingies, so we decided to go with an ocean theme in there. We're planning on painting the walls blue and then stenciling on various fish, dolphins, whales, etc. Then we're going to hand paint the various fish however we want. We've even discussed leaving paints in there so that other people can paint their own fish and sign them.

Things are moving right along, even if it's taking much much much longer than I had thought it would. I keep thinking about these decorating shows, where they paint a room in a couple hours. That doesn't seem to be working for us. Of course, we've had to Killz everything before painting on the color, and then you've got the cutting in and the painting of the trim and the back-filling....

We will be moving in this week though. We're to the point that we can work around our stuff. I really didn't want to do that because we all know me and Chris, but I think that in this case we'll actually get everything done.

That's the plan anyway.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've been trying to post pictures

But when I use the code that's supposed to link back to Flickr I get error messages in Blogger and it won't work. I guess I'll have to contact Flickr and see what's up.

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