Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sandie & Britt

Sandie didn't have any pictures of her and Britt (she's the one always taking the pictures), so I took a few before the book sale on Friday. I would have taken more, but my battery died and I didn't have any new ones to put in.

Sandie, feel free to use any of them you want.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Library Book Sale

Sandie, Mikey and I went to the Library Book Sale last night. I don't know how many people were there, but it was PACKED. It was supposed to just be for the Friends of the Library members but I think they were letting anyone in who wanted in.

I made a haul, spent $47.00 and got 58 paper backs and 15 hardbacks. At this point, I'm not even sure what I ended up with. I've been studying all day, so left the books in the car so I wouldn't be tempted.

I did think that I was going to see a fight last night. Hell, I thought I was going to end up in one. The sale is like a giant flea market, except everything is books (and records/tapes/cds/movies - whatever they have at the library). The books are sorted by category - fiction, nonfiction, etc,; but other than that, they are just piled up on the table. So people are standing shoulder to shoulder and looking at the same books. All in all, most people are polite and friendly. If you mention you're looking for one particular author, someone down the table will call out "Here's one". If two people reach for the same book, one of them will say "Go ahead, I was just looking at it, didn't really want it anyway". I mean, we're all readers, we know how it is when you find a book you've been looking for.

So three or four of us are standing at one table when a guy comes up with an new box to put out. NEW STUFF!!!!!!! So we all gather around the end where he is and look at the books as he's taking them out, giving each other a chance to see what's available and what we want before grabbing anything. Out of nowhere comes this woman and she starts practically ripping the books out of the volunteers hands. The rest of us literally couldn't even see the title or author before she was snatching them. So a couple of comments are made and this woman just ignores us. It actually got a little nasty, and I really thought that this other woman was going to hit the snatcher for a minute there. So finally the box is empty and the snatcher asks the volunteer if she can have the box. The other woman says "Why didn't you just take it before he emptied it". Really.

Other than that, I had no problems with anyone. Sandie said she had a little trouble because she had Britt in the stroller and kept getting in peoples way, but most everyone I ran into (sometimes literally) was pretty cool about the whole thing.

All in all, a perfect evening out for me!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Beamer is doing well

Lesley just called to let me know that she had dropped Mom off at the airport. Mom's supposed to get into Tulsa about 10:30 tonight. Hopefully she finally took some pictures and I'll be able to get them up soon!

Beamer had a check up yesterday, he's up to 6 pounds 3 ounces and 19.6 inches long. Lesley said that he eats well, but that a lot of the time she has to wake him up to eat - which I guess isn't a bad thing. Better than him screaming all the time.

He does have a mild viral respiratory infection in his eyes, so she's having to give him eye drops. All in all though he's a happy, healthy baby.

Thank God.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Alien Abduction

You have a 72% chance of being abducted

You have an above average chance of being abducted. You are into thinking about conspiracies and thinking for yourself – keep it up. But avoid going into the woods by yourself late at night.

Take this quiz at

I am Napoleon

Found a quiz site Quiz Galaxy so I've been playing around with it. I think Sandie's shown it to me before.

Anyway, according to them, I'm Napoleon!

You are Napoleon

Power hungry and unpredictable. You like to always be in charge, and you don’t like to listen to other peoples opinions very often. You set incredibly high goals for yourself and often achieve them.

Take this quiz at

Can you tell I don't have a lot going on at work today?

Library Book Sale

This weekend! I am soooooooooo excited. I made a deal with Chris that he could go fishing and I wouldn't ask how much money he spent if he wouldn't ask how much money I spent at the sale.

At 50 cents per paperback and $1.00 per hardback, I am SO going to stock up.

A new link

There's a new link under daily reads called Booking Through Thursday. It's a (gasp) book blog. Actually, it's a meme blog about books. She puts up a new meme every Thursday, so I'm going to try to put a couple old ones in here now.

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Are you currently collecting any authors? Why? I'm collecting several authors. I collect because it's usually an authors writing that attracts me even more than the story itself. I've had really good luck with this.

  2. Do you have all of their books? If not, why not? I do have most every book written by most of the authors I collect.

  3. Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? When I first start collecting, I will buy a couple of books to make sure that I like them. Then I will buy as many as I can at a time.

  4. Have you read the whole collection? If not, why not? Yes, I've read the entire collections.

And another one:

Booking Through Thursday

This week's questions brought to you by Deb, reader extraordinaire. Thank you, Deb.

  1. Do you lend your books to other people? I loan books to certain people, usually someone who has loaned me a book before.

  2. If so, do you get them back? Usually not, but that's okay because I'm terrible about returning books myself. That's why I can't use the library anymore.

  3. What do you do if they're not returned? Send the police? Stop speaking to the borrower? Storm the house and take them back? Usually when I loan a book, I'm not really expecting to get it back (see above).

And finally:

Booking Through Thursday

I'm thinking here of any story that is split into more than one volume, stories such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Rowling's Harry Potter volumes, Eddings' Belgariad, to name just a few. Christie's Hercule Perot stories do not count, nor do Gardner's Sherlock Holmes stories, as the reader can consume them in any order. Savvy?

  1. Do you enjoy reading multi-volume stories? They are my preference./

  2. Do you prefer the shorter stories that are done in two or three volumes, or do you willingly go for longer tales? When I've caught up on all of my authors and am looking for something new to read, I start out by looking for the thickest book on the shelf. I definately like the longer tales.

  3. What do you like/dislike about these long tales? I like reading about people I already know. I dislike waiting for the author to come out with the latest installment. I love when I find a complete series that I haven't read before. Then I can get them all at once.

Look for weekly meme's from now on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Politics and Religion - just don't mix

Two things you will rarely see me write about (or talk about) are politics and religion. There are no two subjects more guaranteed to cause arguments and conflict.

Sandie got into politics pretty heavily a couple years ago, and I think that she got pretty upset with me because I simply refuse to discuss it. It doesn’t matter if they’re Republican or Democrat, in my opinion all politicians are out for themselves and to screw us (the common person) over. There are no good choices, there’s just the lesser of two evils. And that’s a really sad statement, but one that I believe is true.

That being said, I love my country and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else in the world.

Then there’s religion, and that’s a discussion that I normally wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. So many religious groups believe that their way is the only way, and all the rest of us who don’t agree with their interpretation of God’s word are going to hell. Period. There’s a WHOLE LOT of wrong people going to hell out there. I think I’m going three or four times at this point. Personally, I believe in a higher power and am willing to call that power God. From there I split from organized religion. People wrote the Bible, not God him/herself, and it has been translated from different languages numerous times, and has been “edited” by Kings and governments. I believe that there are some really good lessons in the bible, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go.

That being said, I’m quite sure that I’ve offended a lot of people. And that’s why I don’t like having these conversations.

But then, I’m listening to the news this morning and hear about this group of religious fanatics (my term, not the news’) who are protesting soldier’s funerals, picketing the funerals with signs that say, “God is Your Enemy” and similar signs.

I couldn’t find the article on my local news site, so I found
this article that covers the same group of people.

I first heard about this group when they picketed a funeral in Edmond (I think) a few months ago. Now, Oklahoma, along with several other states is attempting to pass a law to prevent these idiots from picketing soldier’s funerals. The group says that that is in violation of their first amendment rights and they are going to sue whomever if these laws pass.

Obviously, I find this “religious” group personally offensive. But what I really want to know is what do they think they are accomplishing? How does shoving these signs in a grieving mother’s, wife’s, child’s face prove whatever point you are trying to make?

And what it really makes me want to do is find out when one of their loved ones dies and show up at their funeral with signs stating that they are going to hell, or that God is their enemy just because they are related to the idiot who started the whole thing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I have to brag

About my wonderful husband. Anyone who has to put up with my moods, and does it as well as he does, deserves a medal.

I've been kinda down since Smitty's funeral, sleeping alot, not wanting to study - or do much of anything at all. Yesterday, I left work early (cuz of the roads - have to watch out for the idiots), and had to run by the store to get Dad some pop and drop it off. From there, I had to go to the grocery store to get something for our dinner, and then home to study for the TWO tests I have tomorrow.

So I finally get home (2 hours after leaving work), and I was just in a pissy mood. Chris didn't have to work yesterday, so he got to stay home and sleep all day, and that just wasn't fair.

So he bundles me up on the couch, fixes me a (non-alcoholic) beverage, listens to me bitch about my day, puts the groceries up, fixes me dinner, and lets me nap on the couch after dinner until time to go to bed.

And, he let me watch wrestling with very little complaining!

How spoiled am I?

So now I'm thinking that I really have to do something special for him. God only knows what that will be. Probably letting him go on a fishing trip with his buddies once it warms up enough.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I've added some new stuff

I've been finding some interesting stuff to add to this blog. There's a calendar link that takes you to everyone's birthdays and anniversary's. Grandma gave me list and I never remember to look at it, so maybe this way I'll remember a birthday before the fact for once!

Then there's the Word of the Day and Did You Know deals. Just interesting information. There's a This Day in History that I found that I'm thinking about adding too, but the code is kinda long and I'm not sure how much it would slow down the page load. I'll have to play with it later to see.

And there's the George Bush countdown clock at the bottom - Sandie will really appreciate that one.

Beamer went home

Beamer got to go home on Thursday. Mom called while I was napping after the funeral and talked to Chris. He told me, but I was pretty out of it and forgot until he reminded me (too late to call and check on them) last night. I'll call today and get more details.

But our boy is doing fine!

Friday, February 17, 2006


Originally uploaded by bookworm91770.
I grew up watching wrestling, and we even went to a few matches when I was a kid. Chris makes fun of me because I still watch it every week.

Take a look at this photo that I got from This is Batista, who normally wrestles on WWE Smackdown, but was injured recently so is off for awhile. Wouldn't you want to watch him as well?

There's a wrestler by the name of Johnny "Wildman" Walker that Dad knows from the nursing home (no, the wrestler is not in the nursing home, he just visits). Anyway, Johnny occasionally has matches here in town, and Dad's been trying to get us to take him to see one. Turns out there's one this weekend, and we've promised to take Dad to see it.

I'm really kind of dreading it - I'm not much of one for going to do things out in public. I'd much rather stay at home, where I can be comfortable (and smoke). Of course, I'm not sure if Dad realizes that he won't get to smoke during the matches, and usually at ticketed events, if you leave you can't get back in. So, I'm going to stress that to Dad and see if we can't get out of it - since we all know that Dad can't go 5 minutes without a cigarette, much less a couple hours or more.

A question for Sandie

I was reading your blog earlier and saw Bridgie's comment about Bob and Britt, and your response. I was just wondering if you have ever talked to Britt's attorney about keeping her?

I can only imagine how tough this is for you, and Mikey. If there's anything Chris and I can do, please let me know. We will stand by you whatever you decide. We love you.

By the way, one of these days I still plan on coming by to take some pics of you and Britt. This weekend isn't good, but next would be great - since we're going to the library sale and all - reminder that I've got tickets to the Pre-Sale party on Friday the 24th. Hopefully that means that we get first choice on the available books. If not, we can just turn around and leave quickly. Anyway, I'm assuming that we're going to be taking Britt with us, so we could do pictures at the same time.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Smitty's funeral

We got back from the funeral a couple hours ago. There were a lot of people there, and a few surprising absences - at least to me. It was a beautiful service though. Smitty was loved by a lot of people. They allowed people to get up and tell stories and memories about Smitty - it was incredibly moving.

Dad was an honorary pallbearer, which made him so happy. He got to see quite a few people he hadn't seen in a long time. I saw a few that I hadn't seen in years. And of course I cried my eyes out, and so did Chris (though he'll probably kill me for telling everyone that).

I'm going to miss Smitty so much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A tough situation

I was reading Sandie's blog yesterday, and saw where Bob had called and made noises about taking Brit to Kansas with him. Obviously Sandie is very upset by the idea. She has raised Brit for the last several months without any help from Bob or Brit's mom. She and Mikey love that child to pieces and it will break her heart if Bob takes her away from them.

I don't think that they ever really wanted to have to raise her by themselves. They just want her close by where they can enjoy her every day - or as often as possible.

Now, Sandie, I know that you are going to read this, and we've discussed my opinion on the matter before - and I do understand your position on this situation. I in no way want to upset you or even Bob, but I'm going to put my 2 cents in again anyway.

I love Bob, he's my cousin, and we grew up together. He and Bridge even stayed with us for a little while when we were kids. And if he's made some bad decisions (horrendous) in his relationships - well, so have I.

Bob abandoned his child so he could go shack up with some woman. Period. He may have left Brit in the best possible place for her to be, with people who love her no matter what, but he still abandoned her. He's only visited a couple of times, and so far as I know - and I probably wouldn't know if he had - he hasn't sent any money to help support her. He rarely even calls.

If it were me, I would fight Bob for custody and try to keep Brit at home. I think that they would be able to get custody of her no problem because he left her with them. But, how do you fight your own child for custody of his child? He is a good dad when he's around, and he's YOUR child. If you fight him for custody what kind of relationship are you going to have with him - and will he have with his child?

And then there's the fact that Sandie wants to be a grandma, not a mom again.

It's a terrible situation that I know is tearing Sandie up. I wish there was something we could do for you. Chris has offered to go hunt him down. Course, I don't want to think about what Chris would do when he found him. You know how Chris is, just a wee bit extreme.

So, whatever you decide to do, we'll support you, and be there for you in any way we can.

We love you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Resident of the Month

Dad made Resident of the Month at the nursing home. I asked him what took so long? He's only been in there for about 9 months now. He should have gotten this about 8 months ago!

They took his picture to post in the halls, he's going to receive a plaque with his name on it, and he'll be listed in the monthly newsletter.

He acts like it's no big deal, but I can tell that he really enjoys it.

Way to go Dad!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Beamer has jaundice

I always thought that jaundice was pretty common in newborns, and that it was nothing to worry about. Turns out that I was partially right. It is pretty common in newborns, and often times it is nothing to worry about, BUT, it can be an indication that the baby's liver is immature, or of an ABO Incompatibility or a Rh Incompatibility.

So, Beamer is doing great except that he has jaundice, and that his levels of bilirubin (I think) have increased from yesterday to today. They are keeping an eye on him, and it doesn't look like he gets to come home today or tomorrow.

Also, Lesley keeps trying to breast feed him, but when she's not there the nurses give him a bottle - which is easier to get milk out of, so he doesn't want to breast feed. So she keeps pumping milk and taking it up to the hospital for them to feed him.

In Loving Memory

We lost a very dear family friend over the weekend. Wayne "Smitty" Smith was 85 years old. He had been fighting skin cancer for a while, I'm not sure if that is what killed him or if it was just time for him to leave us.

Smitty was the closest thing to a grandfather that I had left. He and Dad were very close - although you wouldn't have known it if you didn't know them well. They talked terribly to each other, but that was just the way they were.

The funeral is Thursday in Tulsa. Chris, Dad and I will be there to pay our respects to a wonderful man who will be missed dearly.

We love you Smitty.

Parking Ticket

I got a damn parking ticket last night for parking facing the wrong way on a 2 way street. $15.00 cuz my car wasn't facing the right damn direction.

If I get caught doing something wrong, I have no problem taking the punishment. But this just doesn't make any sense to me - what difference does it make which direction my car faces while it's sitting outside of my house? Does anyone (except the officer who wrote the ticket) really care which direction my car faces?

The worst thing is that I had just gotten onto the turnpike headed to work when I hear this funny whistling/rattling type noise (very hard to describe). I'm thinking "Great, now the heater's going out", but I move stuff around on the dash to see if something is just blowing in the defrost breeze, when I finally see the ticket under the passenger windshield wiper. OH.

So I pull over and grab the ticket, then I begin wondering: "Is this the only ticket that I've received. Maybe I've gotten other tickets and he's (or she's) put them under the passenger wiper blade instead of the drivers (where I'd be sure to see it). Maybe I've got warrants out for my arrest because I haven't paid these parking tickets.

Then I realized that I would have heard them blowing in the wind as I drove down the turnpike and quit worrying about it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another invitation

Now I've received "an invitation to accept membership in the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College". Phi Theta Kappa.

I really don't know what to think about all of this. It makes me proud, but it puts a lot of pressure on too. I mean, now I (and everyone else) knows I can perform at this level, and everyone is going to expect it from now on.

And I worry because I started out taking my accounting classes, and have run out of them. It's time to start the dreaded gen ed requirements - this is the part where I get bored and decide I have better things to do with my time. My thought this time was that if I got this far into it and had this much invested in it, I wouldn't have a choice but to continue.

Now, not only do I have to continue, I have to maintain my grade point average, and get active in stuff, and that kinda sucks.

But it's fun too.

A very early spring

I was just outside on my smoke break and looked up at the oak trees in front of our office building. They are BUDDING. In FEBRUARY.

The worst thing is we're supposed to get lows in the teens over the weekend.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Originally uploaded by bookworm91770.
I finally found out what hospital they were in, and was able to find the hospital picture. Isn't he beautiful. I hear that he has black hair (must be from James' side of the family). They've had him on oxygen (not in a tent), but are weening him off of it.

They have Lesley on magnesium to prevent seizures from her blood pressure being so high, but they are both doing well. Still not sure when anyone gets to come home though.

Rumor has it

That Beamer started having trouble breathing so they had to put him in an oxygen tent yesterday. I'm not sure what hospital they are in, but Mom said that if he did develop any problems they were going to transfer him to a larger hospital. I've been unable to reach anyone since yesterday am, so am not really sure what is going on right now.

Sandie made a comment in her blog about me calling him Beamer. I thought I had told this already, but apparently not. Some people like to make sure that their children's initials spell out something (or don't spell out something bad as the case may be.) Lesley did it with Kyra as well - her initials are KAT. I used to work with a girl who really worried about the initial deal. Of course, she named her youngest child after a soap opera character. I won't tell you how hard I laughed when she told me that.

So, Lesley wanted to be able to call him Beamer, I'm just obliging. Of course, I've made a lot of fun of her as well. I'm not very good at the making fun of other peoples names thing, but even I saw the High Beam and Low Beam. Another friend went off on Jim Beam and Beam me up Scotty. All in good fun of course.

Of course, any name can be made fun of, and I personally like the name Brandon Martin Weiler. And if anyone wants to make fun of my newest nephew, I'll just have to beat them up!

We love you Lesley and Brandon. Hope you're doing well. SOMEONE call me and let me know what's happening.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

He's Here

Brandon Martin Weiler was born at 4:42 am (Washington time)this morning. He weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces and is 19 inches long. Not bad for 35 weeks.

Everyone is doing fine. Of course they are going to keep Brandon for a few days to make sure everything is working the way it should.

That's all I know right now. Will update as soon as I hear anything else.

I told Mom it was her responsibility to get me some digital pictures (or a picture disc) so I can post them. I'm sure I'll get some eventually, but it'll probably be after she gets back on the 24th.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm going to be an aunt...again!

Mom just called, they are inducing Lesley today. Right now in fact. Turns out when Lesley went in this am, the doctor had an emergency surgery so Lesley had to go back about a half hour ago. They decided he's far enough along to go ahead and take him. Lesley told me that at her last ultrasound, Beamer weighed over 5 pounds, so hopefully he's developed enough to be okay. (How can they tell how much he weighs from an ultrasound?)

Everyone pray for them.

The Pregnancy Question

Every time I talk to a member of my family they want to know if I'm pregnant yet. Last time Mom came down to visit she asked me if I was even trying to get pregnant, and when I answered not yet she wanted to know why.

So here it is:

1. I'm 35 years old and already have high blood pressure. We've been playing with my meds to try to find something that is safe for a fetus but that will control my blood pressure - this has been a tough one.

2. I'm 100 pounds overweight - enough said about that

3. The last time I went to have a pap smear it came back abnormal. Additional tests came back inconclusive, so I have to go back in March for another pap. If this one comes back abnormal and inconclusive, they will do a surgical procedure to remove the abnormal section of my cervix (turns out the cervix is like skin - it sheds and grows back all the time). I'm not really sure what the consequences of that will be in relation to having a baby, but I do know that they don't want to put you under while you're pregnant and I don't want to be awake anytime they are removing anything from inside of me.

4. If the next pap smear comes back abnormal - cancerous, I wouldn't want to risk any treatment until after the baby was born. Chris' mom died when he was 8 years old of breast cancer, and he has a real fear of losing me to cancer. That's just not something I'm willing to put him through. If we find out I do have cancer, I want to be able to treat it immediately.

Note on number 4 - the most likely cause of the abnormal pap smear is the fact the I have HPV, which in itself can cause an abnormal result. However, since I was first diagnosed with it 4 years ago in April, and have had normal paps until this last time, and they weren't able to say for sure that it did cause the abnormal result, and HPV increases your chances for cervical cancer....You can see the concern.

The other thing about HPV that I just found out about recently is that it can cause infertility. I've often wondered if I could even have children. I can't take birth control in any form (and I've tried just about all of them), and I haven't always been careful. Okay, I've never really been careful until just recently. Anyway, I've never been pregnant, so I've wondered.

I do have some other fears. Our ages make the chance of birth defects higher than people under the age of 35. The massive amounts of drugs that I've done in my lifetime - all of my eggs have partied pretty hard. I worry about what damage I've caused them and does that increase the risk of birth defects? My doctor says not really, that the acid I did as a teen was the worst, but I can't help worrying about it.

Then there's our relationship. I KNOW that having children is going to change everything, and I'm sure that it will be for the better. But. But, I've heard stories of couples that find out once their children have grown up and moved out on their own, that the couples don't know each other anymore, have nothing in common, and just don't love each other anymore. Chris is the very best thing that has ever happened in my life, and I'm afraid that kids would change that. I know, I know, they would just enrich our lives and bring us closer together and blah, blah, blah. I still worry about it.

Then there's time - I work 40 hours per week, Chris works as much as the weather permits which this last year hasn't been nearly enough but we get by. I go to school 9 hours a week, and spend at least another 16-20 studying. Then time spent with Dad is a minimum of 6 hours per week - which isn't nearly enough but some weeks is more time than I get to spend with Chris. Paying bills, cleaning house and cooking (which my wonderful husband does most of - and no, you women out there can't have him, he's mine!)

So, given all of the above, do we want to have children? YES. At least 2 (I keep hoping that when it finally does happen, the twin gene will kick in and we'll have a little boy and a little girl and be done with it).

So, once this test is done in March (everyone pray it comes back normal) we'll be officially trying.

Made it to Washington

Mom made it safely. They were supposed to serve a meal on the flight from Houston to Seattle, but didn't, but other than that it was a smooth trip.

Lesley is on her way to the doctor's right now. Mom and I are guessing that she's going to have Brandon today. Lesley's blood pressure this morning was 160/120 - dangerously high. So we think but don't know yet. I'll update as soon as I get additional information.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I've fallen in love...

With a car. Check out this Chrysler 300. I love the look of this thing - especially the chopped off side windows and the front grill.

Kinda strange since I've never been into cars before, but damn this thing is sweet. And for all the men out there, it's got a 5.7 liter HEMI V-8, which I'm told is good. I told Chris that when we're rich and famous, or in a couple years when there's some used ones out there, this is the car I want.

Well, that and the original military Humvee with the snorkle-system. That thing is pretty cool too - as long as one tire is touching the ground you can get out of anything! I'd get into SO much trouble with that one!

Mom's heading to Washington

Mom calls me last night to tell me that she wants to head to Washington today. I figured round trip tickets would be $600-800 since it was last minute, but I found some for $470.00 which isn't too much more than it would have cost given a little notice. Unfortunately, my ISP at home SUCKS and I couldn't stay on long enough to finish the transaction.

So I spent an hour at work getting everything set up (thanks Dennis). An hour you ask? Well, turns out that if you are paying by credit card and are purchasing the ticket less than 5 days before departure, Delta requires the person who owns the credit card to appear at the airport to pick up the tickets. That's not going to happen, so I called them to see how we could get around this. For $100 more they don't require me to be there. Thanks, but no thanks.

So I finally found tickets through Continental for the same price with no hassle.

The other issue was going to be how to get Mom some money so she wouldn't be broke while there for 3 weeks. Luckily Margie said she could give her some money and I'm sending Margie a check. Thanks Margie.

The really frustrating part of the whole deal what that we've been talking about Mom going up for the birth for several weeks now, and had decided that she wanted to wait until Taylor was on Spring Break in April. Apparently James parents refused to stay with the kids while Lesley is in labor - they didn't feel like he should have to be there. Let's see, she has pre-eclampsia which could kill both the baby and her. Hmmm, do you think the father would want to be there/should be there? Granted, from the conversations I've had with Lesley, she doesn't appear to be in much danger, and the doctor, while keeping a close eye on her, doesn't seem terribly concerned. Still, the worst COULD happen.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Beamer's due in February

I talked to Lesley yesterday, she had to go to the doctor's three times last week. The doctor seems to think the pre-eclampsia is under control for the moment. Lesley's blood pressure is a little high and she's putting out a little too much protein in her urine (and I'm not quite sure what that means, haven't looked it up yet).

Brandon will be 35 weeks on Tuesday, so they want to wait at least that long if at all possible. If she can continue to carry him, they want to wait until he's 37 weeks, but they won't wait any later than that, so he'll be born by February 21st no matter what.

She seems to be doing okay. Every time I talk to her she's been out running around, even though she's supposed to be on bed rest. {sigh}

Mom wanted to be there for the delivery, but decided that she'd rather wait until Taylor is on Spring Break which isn't until April. Grandma may be going with her, but there's nothing definate on that yet.

Mad Bomber

Mad Bomber
Originally uploaded by bookworm91770.
Dad has to sit outside to smoke at the nursing home (so he's outside all the time), so Chris got him this Mad Bomber hat for Christmas. Oklahoma?

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Chris and I went to Lake Hefner this morning and as we're sitting there looking out over the water, out of the corner of my eye, I see this big orange balloon thing. I turn my head and see PELICANS. In Oklahoma.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Test Photo entry

Dscn00640001Tiger Lily
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I think I figured out how to post pictures from Flickr - so here goes!

Yeah! It worked!! Now, if anyone knows what particular tiger lily this is, Chris really likes it so we wanted to get some to plant this year.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good vs. Evil

I was outside on my smoke break a little while ago, and was thinking about this odd weather we've been having - I mean, yesterday it was 67 degrees! Then I thought that if this were a book this weird weather would be caused by the massed forces of evil, and there would be a very few good guys on a quest to defeat the evil minions.

So, just in case: Good Luck Good Guys

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nominated again

Lots of stuff going on this week that I'll post about later, but I have to brag again.

My accounting teacher told me today that she wants to nominate me for the "Who's Who of Junior Colleges". I haven't looked into it yet, but it's similar to the National Dean's list. Of course I said yes.

I'm still flabbergasted that I'm doing so well.

Flower Delivery

I work in a very small office, currently there is just Dennis and me in the office. Our office is the first one as you walk into the office building, so we get a lot of people stopping by looking for somewhere else. So when the flower delivery guy comes walking in, my first thought is that he's lost. Then the guy says they are for me!

For me?

Okay, what did Chris do? He never sends me flowers, so it must be something pretty bad right? I mean, the first gift he ever gave me was a shotgun for my birthday (so I could go dove hunting with him). While Lesley and James were here, James and Chris went to the store and James got Lesley some flowers. Chris didn't get me any so we spent the rest of the week harassing him about it.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man, and he does lots of things for me - like cook and go to the grocery store, stuff like that. Much more important than flowers.

Turned out they were from a client as a thank you for some extra work I had done for them. It's amazing how getting some flowers really brightens your day. I set them on my desk so I could look at them easily, and now I've got them sitting beside the monitor as I type.

Chris really likes these tiger lilies, I'm going to have to figure out which ones they are so we can get some to plant this spring.

(there's supposed to be some pictures in this one, but apparently, I haven't figured out how to add them yet)

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